From Max Mara to Fendi most designers’ collections for this autumn were painted red. That red shade that is so intense you instantly fall for it. 2017 Red Autumn Trend is like a luxurious vampire movie: intense reds mixed with velvet, black, brown, burgundy, boots so high and red they come all the way up to your crotch from underneath silky flirty mid-lengh high slit dresses. Patent leather is so trendy it feels like those late 90s again. Fur collars on brown or burgundy long coats paired with a red outfit look like a uniform for the coolest lady of the 40s post WWII. And everything is wrapped up in the sleekest and most sexy version of autumn we’ve seen in a long time.

Red as a full on outfit or just a dash of it in a bag or a sweater is probably the easiest trick to pull off when you want to do statement in every day life. It looks beautiful, and if red is your colour (it pretty much looks great on most skin tones) you’ll be killing it, whether you’re wearing all red for an evening thing, for office, or just a red item to feel a little bit more special.

What’s so damn special about red autumn trend in 2018?

It’s dramatic. Luxe.  Sophisticated and rich.  it’s like a fucking vampire life you know. Oh… those you you who don’t know: I am obsessed with vampires and their fashion, and I feel like this is their time to shine. Their fashion I mean. It’s like an homage to all that was fab throughout time fashion wise, wrapped up and delivered into the most fab clothes.

This season red is more intense than ever. So intense you’ll get FOMO if you don’t wear it.

  • red patent leather
  • thigh high stiletto red boots
  • head to toe red outfits
  • red sweaters, red bags, red skirts
  • red paired with burgundy, brown, or blue

Although everything is very daring, and too hot – even this red autumn trend is very grown up, polished, smart looking, chic, and very sleek. It can even be comfortable and cool: puffer red jacket, comfy red coats, sweaters.

How to wear red autumn trend in 2018?


Meaning… either all red outfits, or just a red 70s style dress paired, or red thigh high boots and a brown coat with a fur collar on top. Velvet and burgundy must be included, stilettos, a few rings, or a pair of statement earnings or necklace.



Think street style outside the fashion shows at FW. Flirty dramatic dresses, slit red skirts paired with massive hoodies, boots, tiny flirty bags, puffers, stilettos, red suits.


Think Kendall Jenner and the Hadids. Lawd help me, I’m not a fan of the latter but they do dress pretty cool, and I’m trying not to get very excited but some outfits on Bella’s constantly sad face are just dope.

Street style:


Get the look:


What do you thin?

xoxo D.





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