thigh-high-bootsWhen Pucci showed their 2013/2014 Fall Winter collection, packed with hot heeled thigh high boots I was head over heels (and thigh) with this boot trend. But I can’t help and wonder if, ladies can we pull off the thigh high look on a daily basis? And if so, is there a limit (besides the over-the-knee) to this sometimes-too-sexy borderline BDSM look? First thing’s first though, when it comes to 2013 Boots Trend the high boots are getting a whole lot of attention (next to the motorcycle, cut-out boots, kitten heels, chunky heels, wedges, ankle boots, printed boots etc.), yet this sexed up look is not at all a new thing in our little fashion world. It’s been done before, almost every season, and it keeps coming back as if to just feed our sexy shoes obsession and keep us channeling our inner hotness.

What is different though about the 2013 Thigh High Boots? I’d say the edginess and versatility, cause if in the early 2000’s this style had a somewhat porn vibe to it, today, these boots come in chunky high or average heels, flat, slouchy, fitted, colored, printed, tube styles, knee high or super high thigh. And of course the everclassic stiletto heel. So all is in, right? Then how come they look much more wearable, cool & not at all too much? Cause with the black, grunge, punk or leather trends invading us this season, I didn’t think we’d manage to pull it off so brilliantly. But we did. When wearing thigh high boots, the key to getting it right is in the outfit and the overall style, rather than in the boot’s design itself. thigh-high-boots-sweaterHow to wear Thigh High Boots this fall?

Balance and mix. They look better with dresses, skirts and shorts, with or without tights or over the knee socks (they give you a grunge or boho chic vibe), especially if the length of your bottoms is just a few inches above the boot or even covers it a little bit, giving the impression as if you’re wearing endless suede or leather trousers. For example a longer skirt or dress, with a side or middle slit looks fabulous over a pair of fitted black leather thigh high boots. In other words, it’s about covering up and leaving a lot to the imaginationthigh-high-boots-street-style-2For a more girly look, cutoffs, leather shorts, flirty dresses, sweater dresses and an oversized coat or jacket do the trick. For a laid back style opt for flat boots, wedges or even chunky heels with a rather slouchier or tube style design. Basically it’s about keeping your outfit as toned down in terms of hotness as possible, keep it masculine, preppy, slouchy, oversized, grunge or even sporty chic, avoiding super fitted, body hugging clothes that are seriously so late 90’s. thigh-high-boots-street-style-2In terms of trousers… see what best works for you, though I think skinny jeans and a long & large top best go with thigh high boots. It’s a more accessible look, easy to do, pull off, but already too common. Have fun with accessories and cool jumpers thigh-high-boots-street-style (2)A thigh high boot look that will never fail is the all black style: black tights, black dress/skirt/shorts, a black chiffon shirt or sweater/jumper, T-shirt and a black coat/jacket/blazer. thigh-high-boots-street-style (2)But let’s face it girls, whatever happens, one of our great loves will remain the stiletto. So can we do it with a thigh high boot? I say it’s all in the attitude. And clashing styles. An oversized parka may be best to wear with boyfriend shoes, but it looks beyond amazing with stiletto thigh high boots. An oversized sweater dress does the trick too, so do boyfriend shorts. Think masculine meets feminine and you’re safe. Or… go all the way, it’s all in the right attitude after all. stiletto-thigh-high-boots-parkastreetstyle-boots-trend-2013And now let’s get inspired… boots-2013-fall-trendflat-thigh-high-boots-street-stylehigh-boots-stylehigh-boots-trendhigh-boots-trend-2013-fallRihanna-thigh-high-bootsstiletto-boots-thihg-high-street-stylestiletto-thigh-high-bootsstreet-style-2013-fall-thigh-high-bootsstreet-style-high-bootsstreet-style-high-boots-trendthigh-high-boots-skirt-lookthigh-high-boots-stiletto-parka-street-stylethigh-high-boots-stiletto-stylethigh-high-boots-street-stylethigh-high-boots-stylethigh-high-boots-trend-2014-winterthigh-high-leather-bootsSo, are you a fan of thigh high or not?

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  2. Baby Sandy says:

    I love totally thigh high boots in streetstyle, so chic and glamour with great combinations as these photos here ! Nice tastes selection !

  3. šarpej says:

    kozačky vysoké do rozkroku jsou nejkrásnější obuv . miluji je. vypadají úžasně. škoda jen že nejsou běžně k dostání i v pánských velikostech. dámy, máme vám co závidět.

  4. wetcrotchboots says:

    i have over 100 pairs of boots…most are thigh high or taller with 3 to 5 inch heels. i like to wear them with fetish leather. i also like to get wet in them…swim/wade/shower…and i love walking in public with them soaked

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      no such thing M.! i’m sure you’d look great, just a matter of finding the right pair! ;) xxx

  5. Luba Dimitrova (@vwlblog) says:

    I find them so cool !! Great review Dana !

    Minimalist, transitional look, today on


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