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You’re In The Army Now. The Military Trend For Fall 2013!

the-military-trend-2013No shotguns involved. Just pure soldier-combat inspired fashion. This is what’s taking over 2013 autumn street styles, retail chains and magazine spreads, all courtesy of designers like Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors, Christopher Kane or Rebecca Minkoff‘s collections we fell so head over heels with at Fashion Week. As restrictive as a Camo Trend may appear to be, designers have proved us the contrary with an infinite play of colors, patters and cuts, so if green & khaki are not your thing, rest assured because the Military Look can be done in any color as long as the army vibe is in there somewhere. Does this mean the military trend just became more versatile? Or is it just the same old autumn look we’ve been doing for ages? 2013-army-trend-designersdesigners-runway-military-trend-2013Manon-Leloup3prabal-gurung-fall-2013-army-lookWhat this post triggered in me (aside from my shopping impulse to buy an army-inspired jacket asap) is the ever present question in my mind, which btw I still cannot shake off: are we, in 2013, at a Trend Loss? Sure, today’s greatest asset rests in us freeing our little fashionista personas, and piling up on all that looks both good and bad, in the most fantastic eclectic way possible. Because all is in, nothing is out, and if you feel like wearing heels with a baseball cap you’ll probably end up being called a hipster rather than a non-savvy fashionista. And that is pretty darn great. But isn’t this the last measure we have to resort to when being bombarded with the same trends for the past 2 decades? In our quest for novelty and armed with the desire to quench the fashion-forward thirst, we do what we can. army-jacker-street-styleThat Punk is having a huge comeback this cold season is not a secret anymore. We’ve been warned on this with the 90’s Grunge comeback, which by the way is still in, so a dip into the Military Look comes as no surprise. Is there anything different in 2013 Autumn’s Military Trend from its early age sisters, though? And if so, what is it? It seems to be different, yet, with the risk of sounding off right now, I’ll just say it. It’s not. And how could it be, if we’ve been barking at the same door for ages. There’s only so much you can reinvent, right? Or maybe not. military-trend-autumn-2013What seems new though, and to some unimaginative extent it is, is the mixture of all the Punk-Grunge-again-40s-50s-and-70s fashions. So you can pull off a military look in a 40’s-army-inspired-dress (think green or khaki with buckles and belts), or stick to your 70’s boho style by donning a green combat-print top, or an army jacket over a flirty long dress and boots. If you’re still stuck in the 90’s grunge (gulp) then it’s easy peasy: think Kurt Cobain. Motorcycle boots, vintage looking jeans, oversized sweaters and a military jacket. If you can’t decide between Punk & Grunge mix them: skinny jeans, leggings, heavy looking boots, all-black ensemble and some inspired army attire (coat, jacket, shirt, gloves). camo-lookarmy-jacketCAMO-CAMOUFLAGE-ARMY-JACKET-streetstylemilitary-army-trendstreet-style-military-jacketarmy-jacket-stylemilitary-camo-sylemilitary-look-2013Today’s beauty fashion wise rests in the millions of styles we can choose from and mix, with the ever pleasing result of nailing a trendy 2013 look. Which is what you may ask? The extreme or more niche looks from above aside, today’s Military Trend is very much nipped and tucked courtesy of fashion bloggers (style posts). It’s us/you who found the perfect style balance between a girly/feminine and rather polished look & the edginess, underground and beautiful ugliness of a more masculine dirty style. While I love the classic punk and rock looks, I can’t stay away from the challenge of an eclectic punk glam outfit. army-jacket-dress-stylemilitary-styleFeminine dresses made of white lace or ruffles, paired with some sexy classic heeled pumps is probably a style to don for a 1st date or a special dinner. Well not if you add a military jacket, slightly old looking and oversized, because it just looks so much better clashing styles and moods. The ways to wear such a look are infinite by switching shoes: flat ballet pumps, boots, heels, sneakers… so looking like a hipster (if that’s your aim) may be less of a fuss than you might’ve thought. army-look-streetstylearmy-looks-fall-2013camo-trousers-trendmilitary-dress-stylearmy-jacket-2013army-jacket-heelsarmy-lookarmylookWhat if you’re slightly passed the age of fashion experimenting, you might ask? First of all, there’s no such thing, and second, if however these styles are not your thing, and you’re a little bit too in love with your classic polished look, good news. You can still do the Military Trend by simply going for posh pieces that are army inspired: tailored trousers in green with a belt, silky tops with gold studs on shoulders or collars, a leather sleeve army printed coat or autumn trench coat (think Burberry). Don’t limit this trend to the grunge look. Instead think of how put together and elegantly immaculate those army generals looked. That’s the preciseness you need to nail and the mood you have to bring to your outfit. army-look-fall-2013army-shirt-lookmilitary-coat-street-stylemilitary-coat-stylemilitary-topskate-the-duchess-military-stylemilitary-trench-styleAnd last, but certainly not least, is the importance of accessorizing when doing the Military Trend. I suppose it all comes from the desire to balance the masculine look, so pile away on the wildest blings girls, cause in this case, I think it’s fine to get a little carried away. An army jacket over a black outfit looks so much better with statement earrings, some arm-candy jewelry or a huge statement necklace. military-trend-accessoriesarmy-accessorizingarmy-look-and-accessoriesWhat’s your stand on this trend? Are you bored already or do you love it?