As you’re now probably stuck humming Prince’s amazeball song in your head all day, you’re also probably wondering what the hell am I trying to suggest. No? Well I’ll tell you anyway. After having read last week that purple and lavender could be the hit colours of 2016 SS season, it hit me: purple might stick this time, and turn into a SS actual trend. But even if it doesn’t, there’s this thing fashion does nowadays – it turns more and more to monochromatic obsessions which end up building trends here and there. Or at least looks we do over and over again obsessively, until of course we get bored. See the nude, or the all-whites.

That purple might be a thing this season actually comes as no surprise because it really is one of those it colours that is both punk and royal which only translates to its versatility. And punk is still a trend, while royal… well we’re all fucking royals, thank you very much. Besides, like any hue on planet Earth it’s got so many faces and facets it might actually work for everybody.


However, purple is quite a tricky motherfucker. What it does perfectly is it builds and creates moods and it’s got a certain middle finger thrown at other colours, and it’s cold, badass, indifferent, moody, sad. So you see, it ain’t for nothing I’m now listening to Princes’s song while writing this. It’s got this uncomfortable nostalgic vibe to it that right now I can’t stay away from. But then again I’m deranged.

Purple rain please in all the clothes. My fave picks for you. Click on pic to shop:


HOW to wear purple? Draping yourself in this colour I find so difficult, so my hat’s off to anyone who does it. Personally I’m all for a dash of purple, bigger or smaller depending on what you’re going for.

When it comes to all-pruple a beautiful purple flowy 70s inspired dress is what comes to mind. It’s probably my fave look.

purple-trend-spring-2016-9 purple-trend-spring-2016-27 purple-trend-spring-2016-234

A jacket, a coat, a pair of shoes, a skirt, a top can add just the right amount of that royal decadent (even punk) hint to an outfit.

Purple faux-fur now THAT is absolutely fabulous. Purple prints, and purple lips are my current obsession. Of course purple makes me look like a corpse but I can love on my friends.

The thing is I think some people look amazing in this colour while others (moi) look pale and washed out. Maybe it’s gotta do with shades of purple and we just gotta dig deeper until we find ours.

purple-lips purple-trend-spring-2016-10 purple-trend-spring-2016-12

Another way to wear purple is to mix it with green or yellow. Shut the front door. It’s one of the most dramatic combos out there. So street style envy.


I might just be fishing here for ideas or opinions whether or not this colour might turn into a trend, but so what. It’s my current obsession and I’m literally curious what everyone else thinks of this potential trend.

Let’s have a look.


purple-trend-spring-2016-1 purple-trend-spring-2016-3 purple-trend-spring-2016-4 purple-trend-spring-2016-5 purple-trend-spring-2016-6 purple-trend-spring-2016-8 purple-trend-spring-2016-11 purple-trend-spring-2016-13 purple-trend-spring-2016-14 purple-trend-spring-2016-17 purple-trend-spring-2016-19 purple-trend-spring-2016-20 purple-trend-spring-2016-21 purple-trend-spring-2016-22 purple-trend-spring-2016-23 purple-trend-spring-2016-25 purple-trend-spring-2016-26 purple-trend-spring-2016-28 purple-trend-spring-2016-29 purple-trend-spring-2016-211 purple-trend-spring-2016-213 purple

They did say (designers and fashion gurus) that we’re to experience a purple rain of clothes in purple this hot season. Eventually it’s us – the people – who actually make or break a trend, so let’s test our powers and tastes and see where we take this one.

Or if we take it at all.


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