What Do You Think About The VELVET Trend This Fall?

‘If it was socially acceptable, I’d drape myself in velvet.’, said George Costanza once. Little did he know a few years later head-to-toe-velvet would not only be acceptable, but also coveted. Crazy bitch this Fashion huh? And me, for the first time in a loooong time I have no clue whatsoever about where I’m standing in regards to this trend.

Who am I kidding? I rarely have a clue about anything I’m doing. Confusing, inconsistent, impossible to make up my mind is my middle name basically. I just like to think I’m different every now and then. Better, you know. One of those women who always got their shit together.

So, on the topic of VELVET as a major trend for 2016 cold season, and its comeback to our sartorial lives I literally don’t know whether I’m all for yay or nay. 

velevet-looks velevet-trend-2016 velvet-trend-2016-fall-1

Okay, I have days when I’m sold on the velvet trend. Such as yesterday, and this morning for like 30 minutes. Then, all the love and infatuation I felt went away, and it was all replaced with some meh vibes towards this dated and incredibly old fabric.

That’s the downside of VELVET you see: it tends to look so old, as if it still holds within it the scent and smell of a 100 years old story a once young woman lived. So when it comes to velvet, personally I’d go for an uber high quality fabric. Tres importante. And… not to place any double standards or anything, but, it is a look just for women. George was right. A man in velvet? Ugh.


How to wear velvet this fall? 

Velvet looks amazing actually in deep colours: red, blue, green, black, AND in blazers. Velvet blazers? Now THAT is something that will always looks incredibly cool.

More and more celebs and fashion VIPs are seen in velvet blazers or suits in bold colours. Truth is this look holds a certain vintage elegance to it, something like fashion guru meets stylish vampire, and they decide to have dinner over at some old as fuck castle surrounded by sophisticated candle lights, velvet curtains, and the seduction that lingers in the air. God, I need to watch some vampire movies.

velvet-trend-2016-fall-14 wearing-velvet-17

To come clean with you all, this image above is pretty much the only reason I kinda fancy the idea of velvet. For the scenario it holds in my head. And also I used to have a pair of velvet jeans back in the day that made my bum look beyond amazing.

To answer the question above I think the key element here is to go for great cuts, very sleek and architectural rather than slouchy, which tend to look cheap in velvet. Go for very good quality fabric, and then it’s up to you whether or not you do an elegant refined vintage inspired style or a more cool-borderline-kitsch-look.

VELVET – the vampire refined look. Humour me please, and let’s just call it that. It’s polished with a tad of decadence to it, it’s adorned with long hair in waves, with bold rings, with dark stained lips, with seductive beauty and a certain kinda of 70s rebelliousness.

A red velvet pant-suit, or a black one with nothing underneath or, au contraire with a crispy button down under, stiletto heels and fabulous accessories can give you this look.

velvet-trend-1 wearing-velvet-3

Or, be this rocknroll queen with over-the-top-dramatic long velvet trench-coats in opulent decadent yellows or purples. It’s kitsch meets fashion avant-garde with a bit of vintage glamour to them.


Ahh what am I saying, the love for velvet is kicking in again and frankly I can’t wait for colder temperatures to nail this vintage style.

Until we drape ourselves in velvet ladies, let’s get some inspo from  the street stylers and then discuss this love-hate relationship below.


velevet-trend-2016 velvet-styles velvet-trend-2 velvet-trend-3 velvet-trend-4 velvet-trend-2016-fall-3 velvet-trend-2016-fall-4 velvet-trend-2016-fall-5 velvet-trend-2016-fall-7 velvet-trend-2016-fall-9 velvet-trend-2016-fall-12 velvet-trend-2016-fall-13 velvet-trend-2016-fall-15 velvet-trend-2016-fall-16 velvet-trend-2016-fall-117 wearing-velvet-1 wearing-velvet-2 wearing-velvet-5 wearing-velvet-6 wearing-velvet-12 wearing-velvet-19 wearing-velvet-20 wearing-velvet-23

Yeah. It does actually look pretty cool. Except for velvet tops. Those I still can’t stand, but everything else is pretty rocknroll. I’ve picked my fave items for you below, in case you know… we’re considering the velvet look soon.

Get the look:


Okay, it just hit me now – Lana del Rey’s ‘Blue Velvet’. Now THAT is the exact look and mood this velvet trend is giving me. So forget everything else I said and just listen to her go on about this retro glamorous packed with vices and mysterious world.

I’ll have the blue velvet suit please.

‘She wore blue velvet… ‘