Two things I LOVE in life. Okay actually more, like a lot more, especially lately, but who the hell cares anyway? It has recently dawned on me I may not be the centre of the universe. #lol

Once the bloody temperatures heat up, I swear I got so many likes and fashion crushes under my belt I can’t take it. And with them, the urge to share my new obsessions, hence today’s blogpost.

This summer though, being a year older and wiser (who the fuck am I kidding, right? well… you know what they say: fake it until you make it), I have managed to restrain myself to only 2 such obsessions: the neon SWIMWEAR + ice-cream. Huh? YASSSS. And what do you say, what do you know – in 2015 heat they got married and live happily ever after. Okay, I think imma have to stop my rant, to make a little bit of sense.


The geometric colour blocked neon swimwear is present everywhere these days, and I predict this will be its summer. It’ll be bigger than ever. The neon swimwear that made history. What does ice-cream have to do with them, besides me loving to eat it? Funny you should ask. This gorgeous swimsuit looks like ice-cream!!!! Like delicious, beautifully coloured sorbet ice-cream, in all the shades of the world, combined and colour-blocked it’s a freaking party!

Don’t you think?

After spending the whole year trying to tone up and look like a VS model, I came to my senses and realised that ship has sailed, so what I did instead was decide to love my body as it is, and rock the gorgeous swimsuit.

neon swimwear

With this mystery solved, I guess we’re only left with picking ONE that we love most, which in my case will be a pain. I mean have you seen them? It’s literally impossible to choose. I love those in bright neon colour block, that look amazing on sun tanned skin, but I also kinda like the simple ones in just one bright shade – pink, blue, and white look fabulous. At the end of the day it’s a matter of taste.

Why does everyone love neon swimwear?

I think it has to do with the incredibly flattering colours, which scream summer & beach, and also the cut and geometric design. It creates the illusion of perfect breasts (God knows I need that illusion).

AND, to make the better even better, like that’s possible, the neon swimsuits design although it keeps its initial brand intact (colours and geometric cut) it comes in quite a few styles: the bra can be a cup-bra, or a triangle style.

colorblock-geometric-swimsuits geometric-colorblock-swimsuits neon swimwear neon swimwear neon swimwear

Is there a downside to it? Pffff… aside from the perfect bodies it kinda urges us to have, the bikini bottoms are kinda tricky. Hear me out: just yesterday I made a short shopping trip to find this swimsuit and almost found one, which looked amazing, but the bottoms, being sans the strings which you can tie and adjust to your body, MAY tend to cut the bum, if it’s not rock-toned. sigh. sigh. sigh.

Of course that’s not our case, but I’m just saying. I shall not give up, and once I’m done with my squats I will go and buy one. Or, just wear the bra top with a more flattering bikini bottom. Mixing and matching alert. Ha, leave it to me, to find no-workout excuses.

And now some pics for inspo, for motivation, for more crushes. Whatever floats your boat.

color-block-swimsuit-trend colorblock-swimwear geometric-bikini-styles geometric-triangl-bikinis neon-swimsuits-1 neon-swimsuits-2 neon-swimsuits-3 sorbet-style-swimsuits swimsuits-2015-trend-1 swimsuits-2015-trend-2 swimsuits-trend-2015-Tiangl swimsuits-trend-TRIANGL swimsuits-trend swimsuits swimwear-trend Triangl-neon-swimsuits triangl-swimsuits-trend-3 triangl-swimsuits-trend-5 Triangl-swimsuits triangl-swimwear.looks triangle-geometric-swimsuits


And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go get some ice cream and daydream about some extra obsessions. Squats? Yeah… Tomorrow.


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  3. ASAP | Swimming Pool Builder Melbourne says:

    Neon swimsuits best resemble the spirit of summer and I have noticed how a lot of merchandise come in neon colours, so why not wear neon swimsuits as well! These suits are perfect to brighten up the radiant sunshine. The colors are also striking that you will surely be an attention getter!

  4. Cate Adair says:

    Wow! Those are bold and beautiful! Here are some other suits that I am loving for this summer:

  5. VANESSA says:

    I love these! if i had the body for it, i’d def add it to my summer shopping list. i actually love their metallic ones! I saw someone post one that was bronze and that’s my new obsession!


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