The Buckle Belt Everyone’s Wearing This Summer

Buckle up kid! is Fashion’s way of telling us it’s time to hit the road this summer all the way to those sexy 80s we never thought we’d re-visit. Oh, it’s happening. Slowly but surely we’re borrowing trends or looks from the infamous decade that is seriously anything but beautiful-fashion. It’s kitsch, it’s shocking, it’s too much, it’s too bright, too loud, too messy, and I’m kinda loving it.

When I was a tiny little kid back in the day I remember my mom’s looks and sartorial choices and man was she the fashion queen to me. So, 80s kitsch or no kitsch I wanna live this decade again, and do my own spin on it.

Whether I’m right or wrong on this 80s slight comeback is not even important, what matters is that an 80s staple is this summer’s star.


Let’s have a standing ovation and sing a beautiful Amen to this 2016 new accessory star.

double buckle belt double buckle belt

So what belts are exactly IN, and what buckle belts is everyone wearing and obsessed with this summer? Classic black belts. They’re masculine, menswear inspired, the type of clasic black leather belt with a clasic buckle that men and women used to wear in the 80s to cinge their high waisted jeans.

From here on it’s all a variety of styles around the classic buckle belt. 2016 summer makes it ok and gives us a green light to statement buckles, to metallic adorned belts, to very powerful masculine styles, and of course to the double buckle belt.

The 2 belts everyone’s wearing in 2016.
  1. The DOUBLE BUCKLE BELT. It’s stunning. It’s such a simple statement with a bit of 80s mixed with 2016 that I love it. It looks amazing on high waisted jeans, whether skinny styles or mom jeans, or wedgie classic Levis, with cropped tops, bodysuits, white t-shirts, button-downs, men shirts. *Think Kendall Jenner style.*
  2. The CLASSIC METALLIC BIG BELT is basically the first belt style you ever wore, it’s masculine, simple powerful, and it looks amazing, on the same high waisted styles.

As a woman who used to be cold-hearted towards belts I gotta say this new accessory obsession hit me hard. But then again, you know me, I fall hard for specific things every now and then, thank God this time it’s a new thing (to me), it’s a beautiful powerful but simple statement and it’s very easy to buy, wear, and have fun with.

Street style inspo:


double buckle belt belts-trend-2016 double-buckle-belts the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-3 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-1 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-4 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-8 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-9 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-6 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-7 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-5 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-10 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-12 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-13 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-11 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-15 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-16 the-buckle-belt-trend-2016-17 the-classic-belt

Why we all have to wear BIG BUCKLE belts? To go with our big ass hearts man. Here’s what I think about this big buckle belt look: it is the most powerful style I’ve seen in quite a while. There’s this simplicity to the look, this effortlessness and pure coolness to this style that I am just smitten with it.

In case you’ve got the hots for big buckle belts here are my fave picks for you to shop.(click on image to buy)


I said it before and I’ll say it again: this is my fave ‘trend’ for the past year or so.

Have a fab week my loves.