In India, kurtis and salwar suits are the go-to attire for most women. Although these were originally popular as traditional wear, kurtis have gone through some changes in the past few years, making them the perfect modern attire with a traditional appearance. Not only are salwar suits and kurtis immensely comfortable apparel for most women, they are also available in trendy designs, colours, and patterns.

While the patterns and designs are extremely important in determining the look of a dress, there are several other things that have to be considered. For example, most women are unaware that the salwar or the bottom, which is paired with kameez dresses or the kurti has a great deal of importance in determining how the final look will turn out. This article, discusses different types of dresses, the most loved fabrics, patterns and designs popular in India along with some expert styling tips.

Different Salwar-Kameez And Dress Fabrics To Choose From

Although dresses are available in several types of fabrics and designs, the most important distinguishing factor that sets every piece apart is the fabric material that it is made with. The type of material with which the dress is made is a critical factor that determines the look of the outfit. The material or the fabric can even determine if the dress is suitable to be worn for a particular occasion.

For example, while cotton is largely considered to be suitable for casual and every day wear, fabrics like pure silk, crepe and embellished georgette are worn on traditional occasions and are generally considered to be party wear. Given below is a list of the most popular types of fabrics used to make salwar kameez dresses and how you can style them perfectly:

The Comfort Of Cotton

When it comes to comfortable dresses, cotton has no match. Cotton dresses are largely preferred as casual wear which can be worn daily. Cotton has a number of features which make it the perfect material for daily wear suits. It is highly absorbent and soft, making it the perfect dress fabric for the harsh summers of India. The quality of the material is such that it can be dyed, patterned and embroidered easily. Cotton blends like cotton-silk and cotton-viscose are popularly used as suit materials.

Chiffon And Georgette

As mentioned before, several innovative and modern suit designs have been made popular in India by designers. For a modern and comfortable look, salwar kameez and dresses are made from fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and even crepe. These are known for their mix of modern comfort and stylish look along with the mark of culture and tradition. Most of the fashionable anarkalis made popular by Bollywood fashionistas are made of chiffon and embellished with brilliant designs. You can also choose beautiful salwar kameez designs made of georgette, velvet or satin.

Silk And Its Types

Silk hardly needs an introduction as silk dresses are one of the most popular varieties of this garment in India. Silk salwar kameez and dresses hold a special importance in India due to its beautiful traditional appearance. There are several silk varieties to choose from like chickankari silk, cotton silk, Jamdani silk, Bhagalpuri silk and Banarsi silk. Mysore silk is one of the most popular variants of silk, known for its softness and great quality. Tussar and kosa silk are coarser variants of silk that give a rustic appearance. These are loved by many Indian women.

Dress Styling Tips

The popular design and patterns of salwar kameez suits have changed a great deal over the last few decades. Nowadays, graceful materials like crepe and georgette enjoy popularity while silk suits are in high demand all over the country. While the former can be paired with stone and crystal studded jewellery, silk is best worn with gold and oxidized designs.

The Ever-Changing Designs And Dress Patterns

Salwar kameez or the, recent favorite, kurti with leggings or cotton pants are available in many different types and varieties in India. These dresses have a long history of use and have been worn in similar forms since times immemorial. As they are worn across India, several regional varieties and patterns have emerged which are specific to a certain part of the populace. For instance, the baggy Patiala pants with short cotton kurtis are a trademark of Northern India, especially Punjab whereas the anarkali style of dress, which is popular all over India are an influence of Persian style of clothes brought by the Mughals in India.

Similarly, several different types of salwars have been given a complete makeover by designers who have made kurtis into a global favorite of womenfolk. This attire from ancient India has been through adaptations and evolution giving rise to a large number of innovative designs and patterns for women to choose from.



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