12 Dresses Styles To Wear This Summer

flirty-summer-dresses (5)If clothes had a Beauty Pageant Contest my money would be on DRESSES. Just think about it:  are they not the one piece we always go to when we wanna be headache-free style wise? Unlike jeans or tops or skirts, which all require a pairing item, dresses… you just need to slap ’em a pair of shoes and a bag, and finito! Also, they go in any season and for any occasion.

But thank God there is no such contest, otherwise we’d probably end up in marshmallows, cupcakes and candies, and I’m not talking sweets, but dresses so sweet it’d either make normal people throw up, or 40 year old women who’d wear them look well… ridiculous. And that’s a very nice way of putting it. streetstyle9010-webCourtesy of the times we’re in though, everything can live side by side with anything, and when it comes to dresses, this summer screams so many styles it’s a blessing. It’s like the fashion gurus have finally decided to stop niche-ing and just give the women what they want and are comfortable with. You’re a sexy perfect Goddess with flawless armpit long legs, great bum and… ? I’ll just stop here. We get the picture.

Then, you can of course flaunt your stuff in any dress style, micro-minis included. If however, you’re more on the human teeny tiny flawed side, (1) YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and (2) perfection is boring, so find the dress you like and rock the shit out of it cause you’ll probably look bloody amazing. The key is to find a style that fits your body type and enhance that part of your body you’re totally in love with. tumblr_mhuajbCXOv1rzfd0zo1_500

1. MAXI DRESSES. The perfect style for all girls with all styles, this dress we must own and wear all throughout summer on: holidays, casual outfits, evenings… It’s so body forgiving and soooooo stylish it’s definitely a must. Also, incredibly versatile as it comes in so many colors, prints, cuts it’s a heaven.  summer dressesmaxi-dresses-summer-street-style (2)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (4)http://www.streetfsn.commaxi-dresses-summer-street-style2. MIDI DRESSES. These beauties have made a huge comeback lately and I think it has to do with how versatile they are. From fitted styles to A-line cuts, to retro, to classic these dresses are the perfect office attire, cocktail dress, or even casual outfits (think jersey textures that models-off duty always wear in summer with boots or flat sandals). More about midi heremaxi-dresses-summer-street-style (3)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (2)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (4)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (5)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (6)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (7)maxi-dresses-summer-street-style (9)maxi-dresses-summer-street-stylenatalie-joos-maxi-floral-jungle-print-dress3. BEACH SUMMER DRESSES. No summer is EVER complete without these, and the more color wild, printed, white, and short they are the better. I love these in thin straps, neon crazy shades, cutouts, with a bit of a frill to them. AND some of these styles can easilty translate to casual daytime, and even cocktails on the beach for evening. beach-dresses (2)beach-dressesbeach-dresses-for-summerwhite-summer-dresss-beach-style4. FLIRTY DRESSES. Think chiffon and silky fabrics in all the possible cuts, colors, prints and styles. These dresses have a very girly vibe to them with a twist of hotness or boho-chicness, and are perfect for summer dinners, parties, and casual day times around town. flirty-summer-dresses (3)flirty-summer-dresses (6)flirty-summer-dresses grunge-look-flirty-summer-dresses5. WHITE DRESSES. Doh. Summer’s most coveted style the white dress is the ultimate beauty when it comes to summer dresses. It’s crisp, fresh, classy, feminine, sexy, and enhances your sunkissed skin like nothing else. It goes with anything (yes even boots and leather jackets), and can go anywhere as well.white-summer-dresses (2)white-summer-dresses (3)white-summer-dresses (4)white-summer-dresses (5)white-summer-dresses6. BLACK DRESSES. For the past year or so, black has won its spotlight into summer fashion, and I LOVE that. No dress will ever look as great as a black one, in my book. From mini flirty styles, to cami dresses, to maxi, midi or jersey styles for a very sporty casual hot afternoon – every girl out there needs an LBD for summer. black-summer-dresses (2)black-summer-dresses (3)black-summer-dresses (4)Ilaria (pr-manager), everything from Other Stories, bag - vintageblack-summer-dresses7. FLORAL SUMMER DRESSES. The definition of summer lies in these colored flowers-exploded-on-your-dress style. They’re great for work, for laid back feminine looks, for weekends, for events… It’s usually the go-to piece of summer that every girls should own.London Fashionweek ss2014, LFWSS2014, outside Erdem, Poppy Delevignefloral-dresses-for-summer (4)floral-dresses-for-summer (5)floral-dresses-for-summer (7)floral-dresses-for-summer (8)8. MINI DRESSES. The one version of the dress that will never be out of fashion cause we all love showing a bit of hotness every now and then. Besides, today they come in so many toned-down-sexy-styles that rocking a mini dress can be quite a girly outfit. It’s all about the shoes and the attitude. They remain still the perfect go-to piece for a night out dancing. ;)mini-dresses-summer-looks (3)mini-dresses-summer-looks (4)mini-dresses-summer-looks (5)9. OVERSIZED DRESSES. These are a massive trend for sometime now and all we can say is THANK YOU for it. They’re perfect for work, for casual looks, for evenings, for those fat days. I think these are the most sophisticated dresses ever. I love how they look with heels. Puuuurfect! oversized-dresses-summer-style (6)oversized-dresses-summer-style (4)oversized-dresses-summer-style (5)oversized-dresses-summer-style (7)oversized-dresses-summer-style (9)oversized-dresses-summer-style (10)oversized-dresses-summer-style10. SHIRT DRESSES. This summer it’s all about the men-borrowed-look translated into dresses: oversized button down shirts, left loose or tied with a belt around the waist. They look so chic and professional, but also effortless and incredibly summer’ish. shirt-dresses-summer-look (2)shirt-dresses-summer-look11. GOING OUT DRESSES. Do not kill me for what I’m about to say right now but… I don’t really believe in going out dresses per se. I mean I always think any dress is perfect for going out, especially one you’d not normally wear on an evening occasion, IF you accessorize it appropriately, wear stilettos and have great hair and makeup on. Of course unels you’re going to weddings, cocktails or black tie events. Then you need a proper gown or cocktail dress. But on summer nights when you’re planning drinks and dinner with friends, or going dancing… the best choice I’d say is one of the dresses above worn with a twist. You’ll look way more sophisticated and effortless. going-out-dresses-summer-style- (2)going-out-dresses-summer-style- (3)going-out-dresses-summer-style- (4)going-out-dresses-summer-style- (5)going-out-dresses-summer-style- (6)going-out-dresses-summer-style- (7)going-out-dresses-summer-style-12. THIN STRAP DRESSES. The 90s are back so… stop acting surprised. And these dresses are so great for summer it’s crazy. thin-strap-summer-dresses (2)thin-strap-summer-dresses (3)thin-strap-summer-dressesWhat are your go-to summer dresses?