4 DRESSES To Wear To The Office This Summer

Because: 1) birthday suits are out of the question, and 2) trousers we’ve had enough of in winter, so that leaves summer dresses for work as close as you can get to keeping and looking cool in summer. Yet, it ain’t all that easy. I mean have you seen the amount of dresses styles out there? How the hell are we suppose to pick one which looks professional but is comfortable enough and looks fucking amazing on us, is not expensive, but it ain’t cheap either, is a staple, but trendy enough, screams success but is effortless, and very very very very easy to wear and style.

Ha! Good luck with that.

Errrr… actually I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Given your job is one which requires a smart-casual dressing code truth is you are in a bit of a sartorial predicament, as you can’t indulge in the jeans and white shirt uniform par example, so your constant need to get fashion creative is pretty much a must. If you’re into that sort of stuff of course.

Like I said though… fashion’s got our back ladies, and I dare say the office dress code, when it comes to dresses is reduced to ONE major rule: the hemline. If you think it’s too inappropriate, it probably is.

casual-work-dresses work-summer-dresses-5

So let’s have a look at my pick of 4 summer dresses to rock to the office and also check my shopping list below.

1. SHIRT DRESSES. They’re huge this summer, and personally I think they’re the best fashion innovation so far, just because they beautifully blend the casualness and effortlessness of a button-down shirt with the chicness of a dress. They look fantastic with a pair of classic nude Louboutins, or even flats, a big bag, and a blazer on top.

summer-dresses-for-office-2 summer-dresses-for-office-6

2. CASUAL PRINT DRESSES. These are not for all jobs I’ll give you that, but some gals can wear them. They look more office appropriate with flats (ballet pumps or brogues) and a blazer on top.

summer-dresses-for-office-7 summer-street-dress-0252

3. RETRO LADYLIKE DRESSES. Think 70s chic queen going to her 9 to 5 busy job. Basically our moms. Knee-length hemlines, 70s prints, super light summer fabrics, chunky heels, big bags, boyfriend blazers on top. LOVE.

summer-dresses-for-office-1 summer-dresses-for-office-3 summer-dresses-for-office-4 work-summer-dresses-1

4. OFFICE FIT. As in tight, but not Nicky Minaj tight. This is the classic office dress and it will NEVER go out of style. It’s very professional yet feminine, it follows the body lines, it looks great with classic heeled pumps and a blazer on top. Personally I’d chose this leather jacket to razzmatazz the whole thing a little bit.

summer-work-dresses work-summer-dresses-3

Okay, now I’ll cut you some slack and just skip my usual unnecessary rant, cause I’m not really in a funny-quirky mood, otherwise you’d have been bombarded — and I give you a list of 16 DRESSES to shop from and totally rock this summer to the office.