For style enthusiasts, fashion extends to their swimwear. Going to the beach is another reason for them to strut their fashion must-haves. If you have plans of shopping for swimsuits for your next beach trip, then you should know the hottest swim trends for this year. Looking at the latest presented at fashion weeks around the world, and you would see that there is a whole new range of colors, styles, and materials that flatters every body type. 

Here is our list of the swim trends that will define 2020: 

Tropical Prints are a Must-Have

On the runway, we saw a lot of tropical prints that showcase bold colors and majestic blooms. Several high fashion designers such as Peter Pilotto, Fendi, and Marni presented jungle prints in their shows. Even Versace made JLo walk the runway in her now-iconic tropical dress. 

It is not going to be surprising to see lots of tropical prints this year. You can bring the runway to your next beach trip by copping awesome tropical swim dresses from sites like

Retro Colors are Going to be Huge

For every season, fashion enthusiasts often learn about standout colors. This year, we are seeing a lot of retro colors like tangerine. Valentino and Bottega Veneta both showed this vibrant orange hue in their collection. During Miami Swim Week, one of the standout styles that garnered fans is the motorsport swimwear in orange. It sends a ‘50s vibe but with a modern flair that would let anyone who wears it channel their inner Bond girl fierceness. 

Modest Swimsuits have a Huge Following

For years, swimwear has been associated with bikinis. The tinier the bikini, the better. But for 2020, we are expecting beachgoers to sport more conservative pieces. In fact, many are now investing in long-sleeve tops and ultra-high-rise bottoms. This trend is picking up as more and more women embrace and love their bodies and don swimsuits that highlight their best assets. Many of these silhouettes still show some skin in the right places. For example, one can wear booty shorts but with a plunging neckline top, rather than the itsy bitsy teeny bikini of years past. 

Wrap-around Tops are Still Huge

For 2020, wrap-around swimsuits are still a go-to piece for those who dislike boring swimwear. Many prefer this style because it offers them versatility. They can pair the top with any bikini they prefer. Plus, they can also be used, not only as a swimwear but a fashionable top that would go well with a pair of jeans. 

High Fashion Swimwear is a Thing

While swimwear is meant for swimming, it does not mean that you cannot wear a luxurious one to the beach. For 2020, be prepared to see swimsuits with tons of embellishments from gemstones, sequins, and waist-defining belts. Yes, velvet swimsuits are a thing, and it is something that only high-fashion enthusiasts can pull off. 

Romantic Swimwear is Pretty in Pink

One of the swim trends that define 2020 is romantic swimwear. Dainty girls who love pink would love to wear the shiny, ruffled, and satin-like material that is commonly seen in a romantic swimsuit. Isa Boulder will premier her collection come May 2020, and we are predicting that this swim trend will be all over the beach this summer. 

The world of fashion will continue to evolve. While some styles are considered classic, new trends will come up, and it is up to us which ones to follow. This 2020, the style is to remix the classics with a modern twist. It will also showcase some brave experimentation of what works with a particular body type. Perhaps, the best swimwear trend to follow is confidence. Wear it loud and proud. 

xoxo D.

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