Swim Savvy: The Top Trends in Swimwear for 2017

In reality there is no true swimwear season as people are swimming all the time. Perhaps it’s at their local pool for exercise or perhaps they’ve jetted off to somewhere warm with crystal blue waters while their neighbors are shoveling snow.

However, the designers of swimwear tend to stick to a schedule and many of them release their designs to great fanfare during Miami Swim Week which generally takes place each year in July. Retail buyers and influencers in the fashion world flock to Miami to see what’s hot for the upcoming season. This, in turn, results in the swimwear you’re now seeing in stores around the world.

While not everyone can afford a designer swimsuit, the styles created by the top designers influence the designs available at lower prices. So if you’re ready to purchase your new swimsuit for the year these are some of the trendiest looks and sexy styles you’ll have to choose from.


Everyone has their favorite colors when it comes to clothing, swimwear included. However, this year’s hottest color in swimwear might surprise you. What is it? Nude.

That’s right. Swimwear designers rolled out collections filled with various shades of nude and this trend has taken off among celebrities. Everyone from the Kardashian/Jenner clan to Kate Hudson have been spotted wearing flesh-toned swimwear designs. While one might expect this look to be, well, too close to naked, the various shades are flattering to all skin colors and even help accentuate your tan. So if you’re looking to find a swimsuit style that the celebs are wearing the easiest way to that is by going nude.



For years designers have added other fabrics than lycra and spandex to their swimwear arsenal and this year is no different. Texture seems to be a big trend in both one-piece and two-piece styles and you’ll be surprised at some of the fabrics they’re using.

Crochet is big this year and before you dismiss it as being too bohemian or a ‘70s throwback you should take a look at some of the styles. They’re cute, flirty, and fun and many designers are using color block techniques with crochet to add dimension to their designs.

Designers are embracing texture in other ways too. Burn out designs, lace, and suede style materials are all making an appearance so step away from the traditional lycra and have fun with these beautiful and unique textured swimsuit designs.


Prints and Other Elements

When swimwear designers choose prints for their new collections they’re starting a trend that will last all year and perhaps longer. This year’s designs seem to be heavy on bright colors and interesting designs. Gingham appears to have made a comeback, we’re seeing subtle tie dye prints, and earth tones like olive green and brown are popular as well.

Designers are also adding unique elements to their designs this year. Side laces are seen on both bikinis and one piece swimsuits and front laces are popular on both styles as well. In addition, longer ties on string bikinis offer a secondary look, especially when they’re a different color or adorned with beads and other trimmings.


Plus Size Swimsuits

It’s always refreshing when designers create looks with women of all sizes in mind and this year’s plus size swimsuits includes all the best aspects of their other new looks. Whether you’re choosing a one-piece or a two-piece this year, expect to find the same bold prints, the textures like crochet, and the trendy nude colors.

Vintage styles have also made this year’s swimsuit cut so look for high-waisted bottoms, flirty skirted bottoms, and tops that offer full coverage and great support. One piece styles offer other interesting designs like one shoulder straps and high cut legs, perfect for the curvy woman.


Swimsuit season shouldn’t be looked upon with dread and this year’s styles offer something for everybody. Whether you want something athletic for exercise or something that will make a statement when you put your toes in the sand in Mexico, there are numerous ways to look and feel your best in your new swimsuit.

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