2014-spring-trend-pale-pink That fashion is inconsistent and pretty much all over the place is really, no news. So I don’t know why I’m as surprised as I am for this PINK Trend that’s been going on all throughout fall, into this winter and will definitely linger on onto Spring & Summer 2014. Why the surprised face? Well… with the 90’s trend getting bigger by the minute (if that’s even possible. It is apparently.) pardon my assumption of grunge, black, plaid, rock meets punk and rave everything.

But really, thank God for a touch of girly and feminine, although (brace yourselves right now) I don’t really care that much for pink. Actually at all. Actually I hate pastels.

And pastels are huge this season. A part of me sees them as retro ice-cream colors worn by ’50’s moms or depraved housewives with eyeliners thinker than a pinkie, a cigarette and a glass of martini in their hands. Draped in light shades of pink, blue or mint with tiny flowery patterns and those kitten heels and mini boxy bags – these women were feminine alright. So I guess it’s the nostalgia over the upsides of those times that triggered the comeback of pastels and literally the invasion pale pink everything. all-pink-everything If last season we had a thing for neons (pink included) I guess we’re now toning down ladies, which in itself is a great thing for variety’s sake if not anything else.

Yesterday’s PINK:bright-pink-dress bright-pink-look bright-pink-streetstyle 20130124-200100 neon-pink-streetstyle Today’s PINK: pale-pink-street-style-spring-201r Yet not all is so damn pale in paradise. Well, actually it is, but not in a bad way. Truth is there is something very very very incredibly elegant and understated sexy in pale pinks. A little sick actually, but in that opulent decadent kinda way. Doesn’t make any sense, I know. Just forget about it. I’m having one of those lives days. pale-pinks Aside from the inherent redundant girly feminine retro trait it holds, pale pink is also a hue of extremes. On one hand it belongs to the proper aristocracy with its hidden improprieties (hence my vision of sick regarding it) and on the other it’s a tool of punk fashion.

It’s that very touch of sexy and feminine it has that makes pale pink look incredible when paired with styles and colors of the same range (pastels and girly dresses, soft lines, retro hues, skirts, coats and very elegant rich outfits). But also at the very extreme lies this color’s ability to be everything else. When paired with a rock or punk inspired look it makes it more chic and brings it together with a touch of sexiness. street-style-pink-dress (2) It looks great actually paired with its contrasts in every form, from color to style. Personally I think it’s pale pink at its very best when worn like that. street-style-pink-hair But then again there’s the retro sophisticated yet simple soft look of pale pink so very well showcased and mastered by Kim Kardashain. It was actually courtesy of the new blonde bombshell I got to like pale pink. Whether it was her, Kanye or God knows who, who style her – she pulled it off fantastic and showed me (don’t know about you) that pale pink is not just a thang of the dusted past, of our grandmas when they in the prime of their time. No. It can be done very modern, simple & understated. kim-kardashian-pale-pink-look And now some street style inspiration. ;) 2014-summer-trend-pink how-to-wear-pale-pink pale-pink-coat-street-style pale-pink-hair pale-pink-hair-look pale-pink-look pale-pink-summer-2-14 pale-pink-trend pink-bag pink-lips-rihanna pinkstreet-style-pink pink-suit-streetstyle pink-sweater-streetstyle rock-look-pink-hair soft-pink-trend street-style-all-pale-pink-look street-style-pale-pink-coat streetstyle-pale-pinks street-style-pale-pink-trend street-style-pink-1 street-style-pink-2 street-style-pink (3) street-style-pink-3 street-style-pink-4 wearing-pale-pink street-style-pink-5 street-style-pink-6 street-style-pink-7 (2) street-style-pink-hair (2) streetstyle-pink-dress street-style-pink-dress All in all the pale pink trend looks great. Hell it looks amazing if you’re into these pastels. If not (like myself) it may be worth giving it shot on those days when being a girly girl seems like the best idea. Or when you feel like channeling you’re inner royal (secretly decadent) persona.

‘But we’ll never be royals…’ ta-na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

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