The worst thing about holiday season is that shops are usually closed. The best part about holiday season, is that online – life goes on. And on it goes in the most brilliant way, assuming you love fashion, and are a bit of a sartorial shopping addict who enjoys the inherent online best buys debauchery over a glass of prosecco. Or maybe two, or three. Ah crap, make that a bottle.

Those who know me know that among many, many, many, many waaaay too many guilty pleasures I have a case of massive obsession with sales and online hubs that have it all. Fashion wise. Like – I’d rather go to a shopping website that has all the best brands and designer goods from coats and dresses to shoes and bags, from posh and smart wear to activewear. It’ll save me more time and also give me the illusion of having died and gone to heaven.

Right now such an obsession is WOZNOW shopping place. They have everything right at my ring-adorned fingertips, so I don’t need to waste time and open other shopping sites if I’m looking for a bag one minute and the next I decide to get a pair of Nikes. So it’s kinda the best place if you have what I like to call a fashion-slash-shopping-ADD-condition. I’m all over the place emotionally and financially and then style wise some more, which might lead you to think I’m constantly broke. But you see… I’m not, cause like I said I like to hunt. For best buys and designer goods.

WOZNOW allows me to indulge into this little pleasure, and it gives me 1) the best buys and sales, if I’m financially responsible, but also 2) great deigner bits for those splurging moments. It’s also very, very, very well structured, so it makes the shopping experience fun and easy to navigate, to mix and match all the goods and then drop the cash when you checkout. I love it.

I also love the brands they have, from major retail ones to designer brands, and then to more affordable shops.

I’m telling you they really thought of it all.

In case you’ve had one too many proseccos this holiday (though I don’t really believe in that), and you get those itchy fingertips sensation, or you just love clothes and love to shop, make sure you check them out.

WOZNOW shopping experience. 


My fave pieces from WOZNOW right below. FYI I’m in a mood combo of sexy-flirty-cozy-wasted-and-athletic.

What the… ?! No, it’s really possible.


Have a great Christmas everyone and happy holidays!



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