#Shopping: Random Sales & Deals We Love

Hello, my name is Dana Cristina and I have an addiction: sales & deals. The moment a skirt or a dress has a price tag that’s got even the slightest amount of discount, my side of the brain that’s responsible for common sense stops. Not that it usually works brilliantly but… whatever. And I don’t even need the damn skirt or dress or whatever the hell I’m holding in that moment in my hands.

Yet somehow I whisper a fuck it to myself, and throw it it in the shopping bag with the promise to stop there, and just browse through the rest of the sales section.

By the end of my ‘window-shopping’ tour I am the proud owner of all the items in sale that I love but I don’t really need.

I can’t be the only fucker with this problem right?

So since we’re all rowing in the same common-senseless boat why not embrace this sales shopping condition and have a look over my fave picks for you this week.

You guys, JUST a look. But in case you feel like splurging click on the image to buy.


I mean seriously, that Alexander Wang sweater?! It’s practically free, it’s be a shame to not buy it.

Okay bye.