Never in my life (time) have I thought I’d actually research ‘face masks trend’… I mean the way reality hits you in the head with this one (in case it hasn’t already) is equality mind-blowing and humbling. And quite shocking too tbh. We live in day and age where we MUST wear a face mask to protect our health and those of the ones around us. Getting over how difficult it’s actually been to implement this super easy health prevention method around the world – we now have finally not just managed to wear them, but are excited to (for lack of better word). It’s a fashion thing too, go figure.

And here I am again, like that nagging old woman who keeps saying the same thing over and over again: fashion is playing a bit of a big role these days being a true mirror of its times, and thus milking the sartorial side of this health mandatory situation. Good for us. And Thank GOD! I mean we’re all a bunch of self absorbed insecure fashion victims anyway so…

Or maybe not all of us, but it does feel rather good to wear something that also looks nice. Simple as that.

Personally, I gotta be honest with you all – except for a couple of times when I wore a scarf for a mask, and another time a black mask – I’m a blue surgical mask kinda gal, and the reason for it is saving time. And I also kinda like that baby blue color pop. Yes I know I am a very profound practical gal.

So… since necessary is married to cool these days why not take it further and make it fashion.

In case anyone is wondering where the hell do these cool people come up with such gorgeous face masks, wander no more my friends. I’ve done the research work for y’all and here’s some shopping links for us lazy girls and boys who only resorted to the basic blue masks.


Nothing wrong with blue masks, au contraire I think they are the professional versions of these trendy ones, BUT even the most un-fashionable ignoramus gets style bored even now and then, and in case that ever happens, here’s this post.


You’re welcome. Gosh have I said how good it feels to be back. <3


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