Why Loungewear Is Chic Street Style This Spring?

If today you left home for work in your pyjama or loungewear, just know this: it’s OK. Fashion’s got your back. But of course you didn’t. What I’m basically saying is that you could. And if you do… you got swag, according to 2015 spring.

Whaaaaaa?! YAS. Anything we wear home – from soft track pants to silk long fluid ones paired with camisoles, robes, stay-in-bed-all-day-kimonos, pyjamas – is, right now, good to go straight to the streets.

Okay, so loungewear as day-wear is the new fashion gimmick, but seriously how many of us can show up for work in a luxe bathrobe like Khloe’s? I thought so. But hear me out: aside from Mondays to Fridays 9 to 5, when you can’t show up to work in your robe or pjs, IF you’ve got a drastic dress code, the rest of the time this loungewear trend is doable. And frankly quite a blessing.

khloe-kardashian-bath-robe-1 khloe-kardashian-bath-robe-2

I said it before and I’ll say it again, us girls have probably had it with too sexed up looks, so we’re pretty much embracing this casual effortless loose vibe 2015 is all about. It’s got a bit of 70s nonchalance and rocknroll to it, and a bit of that old film luxe and sophistication. Think Marilyn Monroe in her silk draping robes and diamonds. Think Brigitte Bardot in some 60s loose and sexy kimono or robe.

bath-robes-street-style-trend-3 bath-robes-street-style

Aside from that, loungewear on the streets, to dinners, to lunches and brunches, to drinks and dances, is just a more relaxed version of the casual wear.

After all, what’s casual if not a pair of silk tapered pants? Or pair of uber cool sweatpants, a sexy kimono or silk bath robe, right? And don’t even get me started on plain T-shirts or those jersey dresses. I know, right!

Not to mention how versatile this loungewear thing actually is, I mean you can do it Khloe style – sexy silly bath-robe dress (DAYUM!), you can have a more French relaxed chic approach – relaxed tee and pants or silk pyjama, you can do it festival style – kimono, or blogger cool – track pants or tapered silk pants and heels. In other words it’s all about the silhouettes: loose, draping and very very casual sexy, with usually the shoes and accessories setting the tone.

bath-robes-street-style-trend-1 casual-wear-loungewear loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-1

Come to think of it, this lounge-attire-casual-wear is not even such a new, nor shocking thing. It’s more a prolongation of first the sweatpants and heels trend, that was pretty mainstream at a certain point, but didn’t stick quite so much, and then a mere more sexy continuation of the silk pyjama trend.

Ha! Imagine showing up at a date with a fashion ignoramus in a bath robe dress. They’d either think you were a fucking fantasy turned reality, or an idiot with a sartorial case of schizophrenia. Either way, you’re good to go. What the hell do they know anyway.


Would I wear it? I stood out the first round. Well actually both rounds, with the track pants and heels, and with the pyjama look, unless of course you count the strutting in my living room on heels and some loose gym attire as if I was freaking Beyonce on a roll. But I’m not gonna count that. I didn’t even Instagram nor hashtagged it, so in www world it didn’t really happen.

I would wear silk tapered trousers with both flats and heels. I would do a summer festival kimono look, and even a bath robe dress with some strappy stiletto sandals.

loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-3 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-5 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-7 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-11 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-15

So basically what I have to do, and those like me who work from home more than from office spaces with humans dressed in suits and professional attires, is to just never change our home slash work look to the going out look.

Ah… I knew all my silky pyjamas, and robes, and cami tops, and sweatpants and floral breezy kimonos, and jersey dresses were a solid investment in my sartorial future. I think I’ma go splurge on some more casual wear meets bed-time stories clothes soon.

Enough about me now, let’s hear it from you. Would you wear loungewear out of the house to more pretentious places other than the coffee shop or grocery downstairs? 

And now the pics for stay-at-home-outfits + street style inspo. :)

lady-gaga-in-pink-silk-dressing-gown-leaves-her-apartment-in-new-york-city_6 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-2 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-6 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-9 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-10 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-12 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-14 loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-16 loungewear-pyjama-looks loungewear-spring-trend-2015-1 loungewear-spring-trend-2015-2 loungewear-spring-trend-2015-3 loungewear-style Loungewear-Womens-Street-Style-2 Loungewear-Womens-Street-Style-4 Loungewear-Womens-Street-Style-9 olivia-pope-loungewear-style pyjama-streetstyle rihanna-loungewear-goes-street-style-spring-trend-1 robes-trend silk-pyjama-pants-stye silk-tapered-pants sleepwear-style spring-looks-loungewear streetstyle-loungewear

Get the look:

Robe – Oscar de la Renta 

Kimono – Topshop 

Silk pyjama – Olivia Von Halle

Cami top – Tibi

Loungewear – Boohoo