trends-fashion-week-couture-street-styleIt sometimes feels as if our fashion existence is measured in FWs. D’ohhh. So now we are somewhere between catching our breaths from the Couture Shows, and working out butts off to get invites for the next FW that’s practically just around the corner. I mean London FW’s schedule was already announced so the crazy days are upon us. And they come with tons of work, travel aaaand girls’ biggest issue ever (in case you nail an invite) “What to wear?“. I’ll tell you something though, every time I look over these street style photos from any FW shows it seems to me as if I am the only one stressing over this what to wear matter, (and still not pulling it off majorly, if I were to come clean) – cause every single person in there seems to either not give a shit what they put on (and look Ah-mazing) or… seriously now… draped in CHANEL or DIOR – how could you not score a Phil Oh photo in Vogue. But let’s not even discuss this posh category and linger a bit on the first one. Wrinkled shirts, messy hair, frumpy clothes, vintage (read old) granny clothes, unflattering outfits  – take front row in Tommy Ton’s or Phil Oh’s snapshots. Sure they’re always paired with a Celine bag or a Chanel little something, that’s always donned with the littlest care in the world as if it just cost 1 quid. Old rusted rings take the front light alongside some uber posh and expensive bracelets, while the cutoffs reveal stained pockets and the tops haven’t been ironed in ages. Who gives a fuck! Clothes are treated like just clothes and style seems to be such a long way from big labels and price tags. (sometimes)animal-print-hairfashion-week-couture-street-style-messy-hairwhat-to-wear-to-fashion-weekclassic-style-fashion-week-couture-street-styleBig editors must probably be biting their fingers off (they’re way past the nails) at this media circus turned big-party-for-everyone-with-a-knack-for-fashion. It was only years ago that this circle was closed, and now… well… it’s still not exactly a piece of cake getting in, but hanging outside the shows is somewhat part of our pop-culture. Not yet famous? You can still go there in your best style, see and be seen. Bloggers, photographers, and all sorts of artists with a passion for sartorial things shows up in what appear to be effortless bored-to-death looks . One rule exists: in order to be a hipster kid wear at least one major weird funky fun item. It usually is sunglasses, a wicked hairdo or some DIY project on display. cropped-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-stylefashion-week-couture-street-style-bagfashion-week-couture-street-style-black-and-whitefashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-topfashion-week-couture-street-style-sweaterfashion-week-couture-street-style-susie-bubblefunky-shades-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyle-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-fashion-week-couture-street-stylehairstyles-street-stylestreet-style-couture-showsstreet-style-fashion-weekOf course everyone is still starstruck when spotting Anna Dello Russo or Miroslava Duma – but again these ladies are, like us, having loads of fun with clothes. Yeah bigger labels but still – creativity pushes the boundaries as well, and it’s all about the attitude and mood all wrapped up in brilliant visuals. anna-dello-russo-flamenco-style-fashion-week-couture-street-stylemiroslava-duma-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebags-fashion-week-couture-street-stylebelts-fashion-week-couture-street-styleblack-and-white-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-stylechanel-outift-fashon-weekfashion-week-couture-street-style (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-cropped-top (2)fashion-week-couture-street-style-all-blackfashion-week-couture-street-style-detailsfashion-week-couture-street-style (3)fashion-week-couture-street-style-princess-skirtmaxi-skirt-fashion-week-couture-street-style (2)neon-trend-fashion-week-couture-street-styleoversize-top-fashion-week-couture-street-stylered-shoes-fashion-week-couture-street-styleyellow-bag-fashion-week-couture-street-styleWhat happens at FW, street style wise is definitely a movement of our times and a cool phenomenon. So what if it’s labeled as a circus? Circus is fun. All these cool kids who mingle so beautifully with sophisticated rich people are proving to the world it’s OK to show up in clothes that imply a middle finger up at the luxe side of fashion. We’re not against high end. No sir. Give me a CHANEL anything and I’ll take it. Yeah I’ll wear it with my H&M knuckle rings & my cheap eBay watch… So what?

Has today’s fashion scene changed? And could street style alone be crowned as nowadays biggest fashion influence?

photos via Vogue, Elle, Google Images

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  3. caroline says:

    I don’t buy it that they don’t stress about what they are wearing….I love all the street style pics but taking a step back really the best ones are of the models who happen to look great in just about anything and can pose. I’m willing to bet you look more fabulous than you think!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      awwww ur so sweet! yeah those girls are prob models (it feels much better to think of it like that lol) and they probably do put a bit of effort and stress into it, but it sometimes looks as if certain people ca just throw anything on and look fab. hmm. Thanks Caroline :) xoxo

  4. Luba Dimitrova (@vwlblog) says:

    What a great post Dana ! So many inspirations , thanks for your amazing job in collecting them !


    Mi look hoy esta inspirado en los colores del mar


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