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Boys… Cover Your Eyes!

eyewear-for-men Hopefully I haven’t bored you yet with my Men Fashion & Style posts, as I confess writing about the men in our lives does tend to be a welcoming distraction and variety from the sartorial choices we make for ourselves.

Yes, we may not all be fashion connoisseurs but hell we love all that is fashion inspiring, be it menswear, music, art et all, and sometimes we do enjoy scrolling through some eye candy, cause god knows when the day should come that our BFs and husbands ask for our fashion advice we have to be prepaired. ;)

Anyway… today, courtesy of a male reader who asked me to do a post on men’s eyewear, I thought, ‘Yeah. Why not! Or better yet, definitely!’ If not for the aforementioned reasons, than as a mirror of all that’s happening out there menswear wise. men-eye-glasses So many men of all ages, professions and styles are wearing glasses. Whether it’s a medical choice or a style statement more and more lads are choosing to hide behind the coolest frames and lenses.

Back in the day, when I was a teen everyone hated these accessories, and having to wear prescription glasses made you a nerd or just uncool. Today, it’s sort of the opposite.

Retro vintage thick dark frames have made a massive comeback since the 50’s and 60’s. Why is that I wonder? Perhaps since women’s fashion for the past 2 or 3 seasons is inspired by these decades, menswear follow these cyclic trends. Or maybe they started it. Regardless… they’re here, alongside other retro inspired bits, such as the undercut, the double breasted blazers, the denim on denim (although this is a more recent comeback. think 90’s).men-eyeglasses Being a far cry from a menswear stylist I confess I have no clue as to what type of eyewear fits what type of face, and frankly I wouldn’t jump to throwing advice at y’all cause 1. unless you have a perfect face (let’s face it, nobody does) the best way to find the perfect frames for you is to try on as many styles as possible and see which works best, with your face shape, your haircut, and your look, and 2. at the end of the day it’s all a matter of taste.

Personally I’d recommend thick frames for everyone. Sure in different shapes, colors and styles: round, square, oval, horn-rimmed, tortoiseshell, retro, vintage, two-tone styles, colored. The choices are limitless. Bottom line is, if you love it, and it looks good, rock it! men-eyewear-looks Thick retro frames chosen to fit your face shape tend to be more versatile. Sure a bit hipster style, but… they do go well with anything from a suit, an office look, cardigans, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, blazers, leather jackets, coats etc. men-eyeglasses-thick-frames men-eyeglasses-trends-2014 men-eyewear Colored more funky styles are for those of you who love to make a statement, who have a penchant for style, for different looks and are not afraid to experiment. mens-eyewear-looks Simple thin or transparent frames are more classic, a bit more business style. Or think those posters advertising expensive men’s eyewear. men-eyeglasses-trends Whatever your choice is, be it prescription or style based it all comes down to what you love and what best works for you. With today’s options you can definitely find the perfect glasses to fit both your face shape as your style: bohemian, intellectual, young professional, banker, hipster… think those boys from street style pics snapped at Fashion Weeks. :) men-eyeglasses-street-style men-eyewear (2) men-eyewear-retro-frames men-eyewear-streetstyle men-eyewear-style mens-eyewear And… since we’re talking glasses, we might as well throw in a few shades. Cause, you know we’re all wearing sunglasses regardless of season, so a bit of inspiration never hurt anyone. mens-eyewear-styles menswear-sunglasses sunglasses-for-men-fashion men-shades men-sunglasses men-sunglasses-look men-sunglasses-street-style men-sunglasses-style sunglasses-styles-for-men street-style-men-sunglasses street-style-men-sunglasses-2 sunglasses-for-men So boys, do you wear or like to to wear eyeglasses & sunglasses? What’s your style?