There are people who love Christmas, and people who love love love love Christmas. I used to be neither of these, and was looking forward to Christmas for food and booze purposes. A few parties, holidays, sleeping late, having fun… However, these days I’m realising Christmas shopping spirit is crawling up on me in the cheekiest way possible. It’s like I’m a kid versus a Martha Stewart Christmas version. Only yesterday I went grocery shopping and caught myself spending a significant amount of time at the Christmas decoration isles thinking how I’m gonna transform my house into Santa’s sanctuary this year. And while I’ll be doing that I’ll be also costumed as some Christmas fanatic fool.

I’m no worried though. Between my above newfound love and my procrastinating personality I’ll probably end up doing just a little, which is actually great, cause it’ll equal normal.

Why is this happening to me? I guess the wiser bit from older-and-wiser saying has finally caught up with me. Amen.

So in case you’re like me, or just slightly more infatuated with Christmas shopping here’s a list of all the best things we can buy and wear this holiday to be more merry you know. From socks, to sweaters, and Christmas scents and gifts the list is filled with the bestest bits.


If all else fails grab a champaign and dance to Wham’s Last Christmas. Or Mariah’s All I want for Christmas. You guys, these are my 2 fave songs of all times.

xoxo D.


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