The Only SKIRT You Need To Wear This Summer!

The daily journeys that lead to any of my un-interesting rambling wannabe funny fashion stories are never-ending sources of inspo. And everyone who’s anyone, or no one, is a target.

And so are the looks people are giving me, I mean looks they’re doing on their daily catwalks called streets, offices, bars, pubs, restaurants, concerts and what not. I’ll take what I can and roll with it, thank you very much. So is the case of the PLEATED SKIRT – the ONLY skirt we’ll ever ever ever need this summer. Did I say the only skirt we’ll ever need this summer?


The story of this little sucker started at the gym. No, seriously. There I was, with my pal doing whatever it is we’re suppose to do there, sans the fucking final result already (another story, another time), when we both spot out the window this absolutely gorgeous girl dressed in the most simple yet brilliant pleated yellow chiffon midi skirt, a tucked in white tee, and a pair of ankle boots.

Maybe it was the wind outside that made her dress dance, maybe it was the rain (it was raining and she also had an umbrella as part of her #ootd), maybe it was the extra squatting, maybe it was the sweat in our eyes (as if), but right them and there, like we were the fucking fashion patrol we proclaimed the pleated skirt the SKIRT of 2015 summer. 

Much like George Costanza did with his ‘summer of George’ proclamation. Right.

So we started making up outfits for all occasions, and ruled on the uber versatility of the pleated skirt. Ankle boots, gladiator sandals, flats of all sorts, heels, sneakers… OH. MY. GOD. Talk about billions of possibilities. The next step, was buying one, which my pal (who’s also my photographer) apparently did, and decided to wear it yesterday while shooting some pics, as if just to spite me. Kidding of course. About the spite, not the purchase.

So then today, after reminiscing on my recent life-happenings and incapacity to decide which idiotic thing to focus on next, from my humble daily experiences – it hit me: the bloody PLEATED SKIRT, because had I already had one I’d be blogging in it right now, worn it last night for drinks, worn it today while cooking, tomorrow while running errands in town, with my ankle strap sandals and some whatever top.

Sigh. Sigh Sigh.

pleats summer-pleated-skirts

Why is the pleated skirt the ONLY thing we actually need this summer? 

Because it’s fun, flirty, easy, versatile, it’s sooooooo floaty and playful it’s the only thing you need to fight the boiling degrees. Also it’s got to be the most flattering thing in the whole wide world. Not to mention how you can take it everywhere. Let’s go PLEATS!

Office pleats please. Pleated skirts in midi length paired with heels, a button down shirt, or a cami top and a blazer. Perfection.

Office PLEATS-please-look.

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Casual town-life-look in pleated skirts, sneakers, and a crop top.

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Girly-girl on a roll-look, in pleated skirts, ballet flats and the cutest top ever. Cross-body bag a must.

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To the-beach-PLEATS-please-look, in the most beautiful see-through pleated skirt and a bra-top, bikini top, or one-piece-swimsuit. Flip flops or sandals, fedora hats, sunnies and a great beach bag and off you go. Just Instagram it first.

Beach look in pleats.

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I shall stop now and simply leave you to scroll through the street stylers, so that you too might develop a major crush on pleats this summer.

Here we go.


pleated-skirts-1 pleated-skirts-2 pleated-skirts-3 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-2 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-3 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-4 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-5 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-6 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-8 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-10 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-11 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-12 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-14 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-16 summer-pleated-skirts-styles-19

Just one more thing, when the wind blows and you feel like Marilyn Monroe in your pleated skirt (dress), don’t say I didn’t warn you pretty ass regarding this summer’s coup de foudre. ;)