Whenever there’s a new award ceremony I’m legit excited to watch the red carpet and see the dresses, with the my-oh-so-infamous ‘best & worst’ label. I get it, it’s so last tuesday and almost politically incorrect these days, but it’s just fashion on the red carpet, and tbh some dresses look beautiful while others not so much. It’s simply and purely about this. Is it trivial? Stupid and shallow? Oh who cares, it’s fun so if you’re into this sort of thing let’s begin. If not… just look away.

So anyway I just needed to justify myself a little bit, with the red carpet season upon us… this 2019 SAG Awards Red Carpet is only the beginning.

2019 Sag Awards – Best Dressed

Colourful dresses, metallics, slits, sheer, asymmetry – I would say the red carpet had it all. At the GG2019 I had a fave and it seems she swooned my heart yet again – Gemma Chan! She is so beautiful and that dress is simply stunning on her. Love love love. Then I loved me some classics like Mandy Moore and Dana Gurira, Robin Wright (OMG! she looked so gorgeous and sexy, I only would have loved a bolder lip colour on her.) Constance Wu does the ultimate simple and classic yet very understated glam.

Lady Gaga I loved her dress, and especially her choker and dark lip. What I’m not too crazy when it comes to Gaga is her hair color. I mean is it intentionally so brassy, or whatever? Or am I missing something?

Let’s talk about Emily Blunt‘s vajayjay inspired dress. (or so says twitter) Oh my Lord how gorgeous is she. One of my fave for sure. The more I look at it the more I love it. Then Susan Kelechi Watson she’s sooooo beautiful all the time and always wears the best gowns. I’m loving the yellow on her so much. Cara Santana STOP girl! That dress made me love ruffles and blue! LOVE IT!!! Except for that skinny bun that looks like the poop emoji… I am loving this look a lot.

The metallics were there and I loved Renee Bargh‘s dress. Simple and stunning. (scroll down for all of my fave)


2019 Sag Awards – Worst Dressed 

Yara Shadid had a gorgeous fashion editorial kind of dress on, but I feel like the dress wore her instead if the other way around. Or maybe it’s just me. I didn’t care too much for Amy Adams‘s dress, or Ryan Michelle Bathe. Btw I’s not a huge fan of trumpet dresses. Are they back in fashion or something? Why not wear mermaid, that’s like trumpet only prettier?

Then I came across Sophia Bush‘s dress? WTF? Not a fan od Rhea Seehorn‘s upper part dress either, nor Emma Stone‘s outfit.

Man I could go on for hours talking about these things but I’m just gonna let the photos roll.


In case you wanna share your fave or least fave please do in the comments below. I’m actually dying to know.

xoxo D.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    You know I loved Gemma Chan! She is my current obsession! And Susan Kelechi Watson was my second fave in that gorgeous yellow! I was pretty disappointed in Lupita’s look! That dress had me so confused! Love the post, as usual!

    • FashionTag says:

      oh yeah babe, same feelings about lupita. and I know Gemma’s your fave. she’s sooooo beautiful and really dresses so amazingly. thanks love xoxo


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