2014 Grammy Awards RED CARPET. Best & Worst Dresses

rihanna-pre-grammy-2014 miley-cyrus-pre-grammy Oh, Miley! Where were you? And Rihanna! A red carpet is never fun without these 2. (the above pics are from the pre-Grammy-gala). Having said that, the 2014 Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards was all about glamour and playing it safe. That’s what I thought anyway. Not that anyone cares. Thank God for Beyonce’s performance with hubby Jay-Z. Pure HOTNESS and talent. And for talent meets awkwardness there was Lorde, of course. beyonce-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses Okay, let’s focus on what we give a shit about: fashion on the red carpet. Truth is, most of the dresses were great, only a few having landed on the worst dress. As for the looks, there seemed to have been 2 teams: au naturelle versus dark heavy makeup, both styles being exquisite.

As for the dresses, most ladies opted for mermaid cuts, sheer, lace and all the glam that comes with it. Less edge & wacky looks, which is OK I guess, although being a music event I would have expected so much more craziness from the pop & rock stars.

Best Dressed – 2014 Grammy Awards

My favorite dresses and looks were, in no particular order: Kelly Osbourne (also adored the moment when her dad, Ozzy arrived on the red carpet with Black Sabbath and chatted with his beloved fashionista daughter over the mic. Aww!), Beyonce, Rita Ora, Pink, Giuliana Rancic, Taylor Swift (yeah, you heard me), & Amber Rose… 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses-kelly-osbourne 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses-beyonce 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses-rita-ora giuliana-rancic-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (9) 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses2 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses-taylor-swift ciara-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses pink-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses paris-hilton-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses tamara-braxton-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses Then there were a few edgy ones, the ones you either love or hate like: Zendaya or Bonnie McKee2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (4) Bonnie-McKee-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses The classy (borderline boring for some) ones like Anna Faris2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (7) The unexpected great dressed ones like Anna Kendrick. She looked great, I thought, given she always kinda misses the style on the red carpet. This time she looked glamorous, fun & young. anna-kendrick-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses The ones I still don’t know if I like or not: Katy Perry I’m looking at you. Alicia Keys: great color, not sure about the dress though. That V cut was a bit too… deep cut. Also Natasha Bedingfied, I actually liked her dress, and the color was amazing, she just ruined it all with that hairstyle. 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses-Katy-Perry 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses3 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (6) The super cute: Ariana Grande. Incredibly fun and sweet. And very age appropriate. Sans les sheer tights. What the hell is up with that? ariana-grande-2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses The va-va-voom this year was Chrissy Teigen in her super HOT metallic dress. Loved it. 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (5) Worst Dresses – 2014 Grammy Awards 

Well this is like a deja vu: Paula Patton. Wtf girl. You are one of the most gorgeous women out there, just keep it simple at least once. Give it a try, you know.  2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (8) Don’t get me started on Kaya Jones who thought it was an porn slash S&M meets Xena the warrior princess premiere. What? 12014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses Others who laded here… 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (3) 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses (2) 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dresses And then, on neither lists, there was Madonna. 2014-Grammy-red-carpet-dressesmadonna Who was your fave & least favorite?