Awkward question: is it just me, or were celebs better dressed in the 2018 Oscars after party dresses, than the red carpet ceremony itself? I know, lately I’m the odd one out, strangely alone in my sartorial opinions… but y’all can’t tell me Lupita Nyongo‘s dress for the after party wasn’t better (waaaay better) than for the Oscars red carpet?

Is there a rule to generally picking one dress over the other? Well, obviously not in Emma Stone‘s case, cause she really did 0 efforts on both occasions. (wish I looked as good with 0 efforts though.) But you know what I mean. Do the stars actually have a saying in what they wear, is it all PR, is it a case study? What is it??? Because if you ask me the 2018 oscars after party dresses were as good as any red carpet dresses, so… what’s the memo? Is there a memo?

A lot of the young squad went for short dresses, and kinda looked the best! Might’ve been the freshness of the 20s, or the perfect bodies, or the dresses, or an all around combo – but Kendall Jenner, Hailee Steinfeld, Zoe Kravitz… Perfection!

Other celebs like Emily Ratajkovski, Olivia Munn, or Jenna Dewan (dayumnnnnn) opted for the retro vampire look in deep burgundy dresses, and looked amazing! Sienna Miller, who’s a style queen anyway, and Kate Bosworth – slay!

2018 Oscars After Party Dresses – BEST


On the other hand I wasn’t so keen on Paris Jackson‘s dress. Too much, and a lot of elements. Janelle’s red outfit was… interesante… but not my cup of tea. Same goes with Rosie Huntington‘s dress – very… matronly somehow. (I wish I looked that good when I looked bad though).

2018 Oscars After Party Dresses! – WORST


Your thoughts now! Comment below and let’s have a chat.

xoxo D.


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  1. Jandrew says:

    The best dressed was Zendaya , wearing a lovely gown by Giambattista Valli . I loved also the Ellie Saab dress on Zoey Deutch . Young women won the Red Carpet . Check it out in my latest blog post !
    Dress The Part

  2. Vanessa says:

    Spot on! I’m dying over Kendall’s dress! And I usually love Emma Stone, but didn’t like either look. Did she forget these are the oscars? I love the red dress with the petal-like layers (can’t remember the actress’ name). Honestly, I didn’t do a lot of recap on red carpet dresses so I’ll have to look through some of those now and do an honest comparison

    • Dana says:

      Omg yesss, what was up with Emma Stone? I guess she just didn’t feel like the Oscars. That actress in red, Allison Williams I think, she was the best dressed at the Oscars, red carpet and after party!!! Loved her. And Kendall Jenner oh my god, I loooove her dress! I was just thinking is it bad I’m so into her style these days lol. Thanks V. Xxx


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