Can we all agree that the 2017 Oscars were a bit awkward and not what we expected, hence the tons of opinions on the fashions, the winners, the losers, and the La La Land versus Moonlight situation/stunt?

What the entire universe can agree on through is that the Oscars after-parties had celebrities looking much better than the actual red carpet. To a certain extent it’s understandable, they’re more relaxed, they just wanna have fun, party, drink, and dance, and meet with their friends. You know… a regular Friday night, only in designer clothes and rubbing elbows with Ryan Gosling. 

Photos of Reese Witherspoon taking selfies with her friends and laughing while looking amazing is all of us when we go out. Well…. sort of. Viola Davis wearing sneakers and a fab pant-suit is beyond cool and elegant at the same time. Emma Stone‘s relaxed outfit just screams ‘I just wanna have a drink and enjoy myself now. Who cares about fashion.’ 

Then there was Demi Lovato. Stop. The models. Stop. Sofia Vergara, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba – everyone looked insanely hot and pretty.

But is there a code to the sartorial choices of the Oscars dresses for the red carpet versus the after-party?

According to Vogue there is, and it’s all about glaming it all up on the red carpet and going for a more laid back version for the party. A second dress should not up-stage the actual Oscars dress, and should be just that, a quick change of outfits that goes with letting your hair down and enjoying yourself. It shouldn’t look as if you could not decide between 2 dresses.

Well now… makes sense doesn’t it? According to this rule Vogue named the best after party dresser Alicia Vickander. 

Now go grab a drink, a mojito, a coffee, champagne, water, whatever floats your boat and look at how the stars party.


Who was your fave?

{photos via Vogue, Elle, Eonline}

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