Punk Party At The Met Gala!

JoanSmalls-carousel_parties-met-galaThis year’s Met Gala sure had some controversy – fashion wise – with so many of you taking the Hate It or Love It side of the red carpet dresses. Was it too much? Too over the top? Too ridiculous? Or did the stars finally let their hair down on this one and got crazy style wise? I know most of you hated the looks and who can blame you/us, I mean did you see FashionTag‘s WTF Dresses list? (click here). OMG! But I have to be honest with you dolls… aside from the bad ones (which were utterly horrendous) I sort of liked the Red Carpet at the 2013 Met Gala. It was funky, crazy, edgy, fun and lots of stars chose to play up the punk look with uber wicked accessories: earrings, rings, nail art, hairdos, makeup, shoes... It’s the Oscars of the fashion lot so a little bit of weird is to be expected. Besides they’ll always gonna have the classic red carpet events for the more classy looks, right? Anyway… love it or hate it has sure got us talking about it and putting on our fashion critics hats on… so let’s just work with that. celebs-metgala-afterpartyThey came, they did the poses, the crazy faces, the punk & rock signs and then… they partied! And there’s nothing more delicious after a red carpet event than watching the stars backstage at an after-party. One more look at their hair & makeup and the dresses from a whole new angle. Who talked to who, who sat next to who, who photo bombed who? (we all know by now Jennifer Lawrence did it again lol. click here) Who got drunk? Who looked better or worse? Did Madonna try too hard and ended up looking ridiculous? Was SJP too over the top with that hat and dress? madonna-met-gala-afterparty-2013sjp-met-gala-2013-tablemetagala-carousel_party-table-settingBy the way, did you see the table setting and the food? Don’t get posher then this… Oh… and speaking of food (well sort of) how about that Alexa Chung’s kinky cream finger, Gerard Buttler was sucking on? I wonder what his gorgeous Romanian model, Madalina Ghenea thought about it? Anyway… the Brit It girl has got nothing on the Latina looking model. Sorry Chung! AlexaChung-gerard-butler-metgala-partySpeaking of the Brits… they sure stuck together backstage and stayed true to their party animal cool looking personas: Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Alexa Chung et all. JLo was having the time of her life dancing the night away next to her hot young man. She looked stunning. My favorite by far. Gisele Bundchen stuck close to her gorgeous man and looked super hot. Though I’ll tell you something about the Brazilian model: men seem to think she looks like a man!!! Wait what? Just today one of my lovely readers pointed out to me that, when seeing her, her hubby said she looked quite masculine. Funny? My BF and quite a few other people over time have pointed that out. What do you think? metgala-cocktail party-britsmetgala-carousel_partiesrita-ora-cara-delevingne-2013-met-gala-backstageJenniferLopez-dancing-2013-met-gala-partygisele-bundchen-met-gala-backstageEnough celeb gossip for a while now and let’s just wrap this up while the mean comments are still OK. I’ll just leave you with backstage pics. Hope you enjoy :) xoxo met-gala-dinner-party-20132013-met-gala-afterparty2013-met-gala-partyafterparty-met-gala-2013AmandaSeyfried&DonatellaVersace-metgala-dinner-2013metgala-dinner-party2013-ceCameronDiaz-cocktail party-met-galaCocoRocha-afterparty-met-galajennifer-lawrence-met-gala-2013-afterpartymetgala-cocktails-2013metgala-dinner-stella-mccartney-kstewartNicoleRichie&OlivierRousteing-metgala-partyphotos via Vogue.com