I’m either a workaholic with a fashion-obsession-tendency or I’ve missed home and work a little bit too much, but frankly I couldn’t wait to get back to my writing. Another thing I did this past week was spend A LOT of time thinking about New Year’s Eve party outfits.

The outcome? More ideas without any actual picked outfit yet, AND one more question to wonder about: DO MEN GO THROUGH THE SAME FASHION OUTFITS ORDEAL FOR NYE PARTY?

And if so… why shouldn’t we be the ones to give ’em a hand you know. Okay, the last thing I’ll ever be is a men’s stylist, BUUUT I know a good looking man when I see one. And, as much as I’d like to say appearance counts less, well… my dearest boys, STYLE, let’s read that again, STYLE, is one motherfucker you have to own. Or perfect throughout time.

men-outfits-new-years-eve-party (2)nye-party-looks-men (5)nye-party-looks-men (24)

Style does actually matter, and it has nothing to do with what you actually wear, but more with how you wear it, knowing your assets, your best looks, what fits and what doesn’t, from a plain ol’ tee to your hair, beard, or accessories.

nye-party-looks-men (8)

So let’s divide and conquer then: What Should Men Wear On NYE Party?

The most important thing is to dress according to the event and the venue. Where you’re actually going has more of an importance than anything else, and can save your fabulous ass from quite a few fashion faux-pas.

For example if you’ll be spending NYE night at a cabin in the mountains with friends, I think you just may be too dressed up in your black tuxedo.

And viceversa: if you’ll be attending a black tie event, as hot as I’m sure you look in your white tee and leather jacket, or your Rudolf the reindeer sweater… you might wanna reconsider.

And then there are the rest of the NYE parties happening around town, where every girl is probably wearing a dress and heels and every guy is in a shirt.

Easier said than done. Yet there are a few go-to outfits for you boys that can work in any fancy-cool-casual-slightly-dressy situation.

1. THE WHITE SHIRT. The classic shirt is having a MAJOR comeback for men, and all I can say is Hallelujah! I mean seriously nothing beats a gorgeous man in a well fitted white shirt. *sigh*

nye-party-looks-men (13)

With or without a tie or bow tie, with a blazer or cardigan over, worn with suit-trousers or jeans, sleeves rolled up, or not, all buttoned up or 2 buttons left undone – it looks fucking hot.

Shoes wise. Whatever floats your boat. Personally I love Chelsea boots and sneakers.

NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (5)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (2)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (4)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (6)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (8)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (9)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (10)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (11)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt

2. TUXEDO OR SUIT. If it’s a black tie, or you think you can pull it off, do it! After all… it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. 😉

men-outfits-new-years-eve-party (3)men-outfits-new-years-eve-partymen-outfits-new-years-eve-partynye-party-looks-men (7)nye-party-looks-men (14)nye-party-looks-men (15)NYE-party-men-looks-the-white-shirt (7)nye-party-looks-men (25)nye-party-looks-men (17)nye-party-looks-men (28)nye-party-looks-men

3. CASUAL COOL. If where you’re going it’s more about the fun, the friends, the music (think clubs, bars, homes etc.) then you’ll look great even in a plain T-shirt IF you know how to pull it off.

A blazer over a tee looks great.


A statement T-shirt (leather, graphic, message) looks cool with a pair of jeans and trendy shoes.

men-styles-new-years-eve-party (2)men-outfits-new-years-eve-party (4)men-styles-new-years-eve-party (3)nye-party-looks-men (23)

A great shirt with rolled up sleeves, all buttoned up paired with suit trousers or jeans looks very laid back and sexy.

nye-party-looks-men (20)nye-party-looks-men (27)nye-party-looks-men (10)

A leather jacket over anything will make you look like a rock-star.

men-outfits-new-years-eve-party (5)

men-styles-new-years-eve-party (5)men-styles-new-years-eve-party (6)men-styles-new-years-eve-party

It’s all about personal style and great combos, so get more inspo and let your fashion imagination run wild.

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If you’re still wondering about what to wear, you’ve got 3 safe ways to go: 1) All-black. 2) White shirt & jeans. 3) Your go-to dressy outfit.

Or… you could of course show up in your birthday suit. I’m sure it’s a lot easier. All you need is a six pack. And swag. You need a lot of swag. Actually screw the six pack. Swag is all you need.

Did I say you need swag?

Hope you have a great one! Happy New Year! 😉 xoxo







  1. So, this is the first time I blog or even looked online for ideas. However, I did find some nice pics. That gave me some ideas… Forget spending, Im off to my closet… Time to to OWN the NYE party…

    • haha! totally get you! I LOVE a good man in a white shirt! sigh….. it doesn’t get no better, and couldn’t agree more on the women’s looks in men’s white shirts. SO HOT! Happy new year Ana and all the best in 2015! kisses xoxoxo

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