Sexy Shoes For New Years Eve Party! What Heels To Wear?

I bet every person’s problem this week is what to wear on New Years Eve. Tough question, right? You’ve already seen a lot of useful tips on FashionTag about what to wear, what kind of make up to put on and what type of hairstyles to go for… but let’s talk a little about the perfect pair of shoes to wear on NYE. Don’t you want to look your best when starting a new year?glam-sexy-shoes Shiny, sexy and bold were the must haves of this year, so why give up on them right on NYE? This spring and summer you were able to mix floral print with animal print … remember that a couple of years ago this would have been outrageous? Red and pink in the same outfit? Yes! Our beloved designers made it possible.  How about strange colour combinations during cold season? The one to notice was electric blue and black. We wore studs and spikes with elegant dresses and now gladly embrace the latest and funkiest trend: Isabel Marant heel sneakers (well actually wedge). 2012 broke all the fashion rules, so why fix it now, right before 2013? Let’s keep the pace and shine on for NYE.  Couldn’t resist not to show you Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps decorated with glitter, studs, spikes, with a 16 cm high heel, also available in gold. You think this is too much… maybe, but don’t forget this is still the biggest party of the year.

shoes-for-new-years-eve sexy-heels-for-party sexy-shoes-for-nye Want to know my opinion on skulls? Not a fan. But these pumps below…  I love them! Is it about the ridge or about the crystals  embellishing these skulls that make these stilettos look less creepy or is it the design of the pumps itself, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that these high heels are absolutely adorable.nye-party Wear these animal golden spikes print platform pumps with a pair of black skinny trousers, a plain white t-shirt and a black boyfriend blazer…and don’t forget about the red lipstick. You won’t go unnoticed.leopard-print And if you thought this is too much? How about lace, animal print and red on the same shoe?? Now you definitely have to stick to an all black outfit and natural makeup. Avoid short dresses or skirts…This time is not about you, it’s about your shoe :)leopard-print-heeles-shoes If your plans don’t involve chillin’ by the fire you can definitely go for one of the pairs above, but if you think these babies are over decorated and still want to be in touch with the hottest trends of the moment you can go for less and choose a pair of simple black spiked pumps. It depends on you how you play with your style. You can wear them with your perfect little black dress and accessorize the outfit with jewellery for a classy look or you can play with textures and mix animal prints, leather, sequins or lace for an unforgettable outfit and Here are some pumps that match with almost any type of outfit.christian-louboutin-louboutin black-heels For a knockout outfit you can choose a pair of red platform red-shoes-party-nye Another cool alternative for NYE party are the glitter evening sandals. You can wear them as such, or choose to layer a pair of tights underneath your strappy heels.heeles-for-new-years-eve An extremely classic with a twist pair of ankle boots would work also. You can choose to wear them with dresses, shorts or skirts, avoid trousers though…we were told it’s better to be over dressed, plus I don’t think you’ll be celebrating outside :)new-years-eve-shoes Doesn’t matter what your choices are in terms of shoes, clothes, make up or hairstyle… my advice: don’t forget about the red sexy underwear… they say it brings good luck in the new year.
Happy Holidays and a Fashion New Year! Kisses from Italy!!! ;)

by Ghintare S.

photos from: Stylebistro; Happilyeverafterthewedding;;;