Black Jumpsuits OR LBDs For NYE Party?

black-dress-or-black-jumpsu Would you trade your go-to LBD for a sleek high fashion Black Jumpsuit? This is the question. In case you’re having trouble deciding what to wear to the winter holiday parties or to THE party – NYE – well, I’m just throwing more on your plate right now, with this duo dilemma.

When last week we were all about LBDs, and how we wouldn’t trade them in a million years for anything, and yesterday we were all sparkled & sequin inspired, I thought why not take this further and make it even more complicated with yet another option, that is actually worth considering for the 2014 New Year’s Eve Party: The Black Jumpsuit. black-jumpsuits-for-parties Not a first timer here on FashionTag, this sleek sophisticated piece is reminiscent of those rebellious groovy uber hot 70’s, when every woman with a penchant for fashion donned one. More and more it seems celebs and fashionistas all over the world are rooting for this piece over the classic LBD. black-jumpsuit-or-lbd Truth is, although you show less skin in it, and it’s rather slouchy, hence somewhat unflattering for some body types, the BJ is pretty damn hot. It’s got a dose of retro reinvented refinement and elegance to it, and oozes sexiness in the most effortless way possible.

It’s at its best when styled with high heels like these, and accessorized to your own liking, but usually with one statement piece to add that oompf (statement earrings, necklace or belt) yet not overwhelm it. A simple clutch looks fab next to this piece. As outwear (it is chilly to say the least, on NYE) a fur coat can look super rich, expensive and luxurious, a leather jacket has got that rocknroll twist to it, or you can go for a blazer to classy-up your BJ. cocktail-style-black-jumpsuit black-jumpsuit-looks I’ve never tried a BJ on, but I bet it looks fabulous. It’s different. It’s retro but present. It’s refined and elegant but incredibly sexy, and depending on the cut and style, it can be extravagant, fashion forward, chic, timeless or edgy. Oh, and it’s super comfy, and I dare say kinda flattering for most women, making us resemble tall champagne glasses, and giving endless legs.party-black-jumpsuit sleek-jumpsuit Just a few weeks ago I saw one and ever since I’m considering wearing this BJ for an event (read NYE). It was that moment I saw this tall black sleek silky piece, with endless flowy legs and strapless design that I got to thinking: ‘would I trade my leather skirt or LBD (which I was initially head over heels for) for this rather simple hate-it-or-love-it-kinda-thing on the last night of December?’ 

Yes. I would. So if the BJ had this instant effect on me, I wonder would it seduce all women into trading their outfits for it?

Without further ado let’s look at some styles and have one more piece to consider when that what-to-wear-to-the-NYE-party-drama kicks in. Not that we needed to, but anyway. :)

black-jumpsuit (2) black-jumpsuit-evening-look black-jumpsuit-styles evening-black-jumpsuit evening-black-jumpsuits evening-classy-jumpsuit evening-jumpsuits evening-look-black-jumpsuit kim-kardashian-black-jumpsuit nicole-richie-black-jumpsuit rihanna_black_jumpsuit_red_lip rihanna-black-jumpsuit winter-trend-black-jumpsuit streetstyle-black-jumpsuit street-style-sleek-black-jumpsuit street-style-black-jumpsuits lbd-versus-black-jumpsuits So ladies… would you trade your LBD for a Black Jumpsuit?