Hairstyles For New Years Eve! What Look Should We Go For?

254101603945817128_YDjZw8Xk_c Makeup? Check. Dress? Check. That just leaves your Hairstyle… and for some, such as myself, lots of headaches, just because my hair has a mind all of its own. Straight, thin, long it’s just too hard to style, but I do have a few go-to-looks: glossy straight or wavy. And for NYE I’m just gonna go for a wild, sexy look with my hair and opt for a wavy, sort of messy do. Sure I will have to use tones of hair products to tame it and give it volume and personality but being NYE I’m up for the challenge. I just hope it’ll be in a good submissive mood. For NYE there are literally millions of hairstyles to choose from depending on your haircut/style: long, short, curly, straight, and what you’re wearing or better said what look and style you’re going for.big-curls-hairstyle-look wavy-hairstyle-look For a clean sexy sleek look go for straight glossy hair. With a perfect makeup, false lashes and a touch of bling (big earrings or a necklace) it’ll definitely compliment a short dress or tight trousers. It’s a classic! For a wild rebel hot look, curls or messy hairdo will do the trick. Lots of London beauties have coined the bed hair style and look damn gorgeous with their untamed waves. Kate Moss, Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller are but a few who always look so effortlessly cool and hot in messy hair. But if the rock/rebel look is not your cup if tea, yet you love waves and curls – think Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox. They always look so sleek and sexy with their long luscious locks slightly curled. A bit of volume on top and some big earrings will make you look like a stunning goddess on NYE. If in need of urgent inspiration you can always check the hairstyle chameleon Rihanna. I mean this girl has done it all, hair wise. Tight uber cool and sexy curls – she’s done this and looked fabulous. She’s also an endless inspiration of how to style a short haircut. So ladies if you’re one of these super sexy confident girls who look like million dollar stars with your short do, but don’t know how to style it for NYE… just have a look at Riri. Go for funky, edgy or simple & classic!afro-curls-hairstyle-look-NYE beyonce-curly-hair rihanna-curly-hairstyle alexa-chung-messy-bed-hair big-curls-wavy-hair-new-0years-eve big-hair-party-look blake-lively-messy-hairdo katie-holmes-long-sleek-hairstyle khloe-kardashian-glossy-hairstyle heidi-klum-medium-hairstyle lauren-conrad-wavy-hair lavander-long-hair long-pink-hair long-wavy-hairstyle-look long-straight-sleek-hairstyle-NYE megan-fox-curls-hairstyle-look Nickelodeon's 22nd Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals messy-wavy-hair-New-Years-Eve-hairstyle mila-kunis-wavy-hairstyle rosie-huntington-whitely-bed-hair-look rosie-huntington-whitely-messy-hair sofia-vergara-wavy-hair tyra-banks-bangs-messy-hairstyle tyra-banks-long-sleek-hair-bangs If however you want to try something completely different you can opt for a bohemian look. Braids are the answer! So many celebs have tried this look on the red carpet and made a trend out of it. It may take a while to do it, but it looks so chic and feminine it’s irresistible! It leaves your face clean and bare for you to play with your eyes or lips, plus you can wear any style of earrings. Other great hairstyle to try out for NYE is the simple ponytail. Messy or sleek it just has that classic cool vibe to it, and if you’re wearing a bare back dress or a strapless one it just looks fantastic with your hair pulled back like that. The retro looks, side swept hair, or updos (loose buns are a super sophisticated look) are also a classic style for a special evening, depending on where you’re going and what you’re wearing. And the best thing about a NYE party is that you can glam up your hair all the way, with glitter & sparkle headpieces! Wavy, straight & sleek, updo, braids or ponytails, short or long? Which look are you going for for 2013 NYE?


braided-updo-New-Years-Eve braid-hairstyle blake-lively-ponytail-look edgy-up-do-hairstyles-New-Years-Eve emily-blunt-classic-updo=NYE eva-longoria-ponytail eve-longoria-loose-bun-hairstyle-look StreetDance 3D - World Film Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals hayden-pannatierre-short-hairstyle hayden-pannatierre-short-sleek-hairstyle kim-kardashian-ponytail loose-bun-hairstyle-look-NYE messy-ponytail ponytail-bangs-look-style messy-updo-hairstyle ponytail-hairstyle ponytail-hairstyle-new-years-eve Cleo - Sexy, Sexy Hair - The fastest 20 ways to get there ponytail-look ponytail-look-NYE retro-curls-hairstyle-look rihanna-short-hair rihanna-short-hairstyle rosario-dawson-loose-bun-hairstyle selena-gomez-loose-updo-hairstyle sexy-messy-ponytail-look sexy-up-do-hairstyle-NYE short-curly-hair short-hairstyle-curls Who Magazine updo-braided-hairstyle updo-New-Years-Eve victoria-beckham-short-hairstyle