‘Walked into the room you know you make my eyes burn. It was like James Dean, for sure.’ Well… let’s not get carried away here, but TBH, Lana del Rey’s not that far off you know.

There’s something incredibly sexy the simplicity of a white shirt and jeans hold. Period. Perhaps it has to do with the easiness of the look, the effortlessness, the borderline French chic vibes it plays with, the casual smart style, the versatility… who knows. One thing remains true: to this day, with a few nips and tucks inherent to each and everyone’s personal style, the white shirt and jeans look remains a classic. Pure style locked in a timeless sartorial bubble.

While Lana’s referring to this look on men… (a moment to recollect please)… I, on the other hand, as much as it pains me to say ‘no’ to a man in a white shirt and blue jeans, had something else in mind: us women wearing a white shirt and jeans.

white-shirt-and-jeans-look-5 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-6 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-7

If for us, flawless queens, the epitome of sexy in a man is the above look, I wonder is the reversed version true?


Let me delude myself on the thought of an egotistical YAS.

If I had a fucking quid for every time I needed a simple but cool white button-down, I’d literally have a million quid and more millions white shirts to wear. Instead, being somewhat of a day-dreamer I’m forever lost in searching for the right one, without actually owning THE ONE.

Even yesterday I had my mind set on buying the puuuuuurfect white crispy shirt (or even chiffon, at this point I could’t care less), but I didn’t. Why? As much as I find myself falling in love every single fucking day over more wrongs than rights, when it comes to a white shirt, I’m cursed to not find the one. Talk about an irony.

Here’s a crazy thought: maybe, just maybe, I’m putting too much pressure on it. Huh?

The thing is… I have this theory – that as simple and chic-basic as a pair of blue jeans and white shirt sound, they’re not. This simple look, much like the cutoffs and heels outfit, can translate to a major, like MAJOR fashion disaster, if not done right. No, I am dead serious.

The attempt to channel simplicity can turn to cheap-pretentious, or, the need to add extra on such a blank canvas can cause un-necessary frills. Okay, kitsch to be more precise. A wrong size, cut, design in both the shirt as well as the jeans, can have disastrous effects.

Par example: accessorising too much, platform heels, fitted-tight shirts, too-dolled-up beauty looks – ALL might give a cheap rather than chic vibe to it all.

casual-looks french-chic-style Parisian-style


The key is in the button down shirt. It has to be menswear-inspired. Slightly oversized, but fitted, loose, but not slouchy (unless you’re going for that look), and a perfect high quality fabric whether it’s crispy or chiffon style.

The jeans can be skinny or baggy, BUT always avoid skinny jeans with tight shirt and heels and tons of accessories. You’re not auditioning for a cheap flick.

For a French style chose mom jeans, or boyfriend inspired styles, cuffed, paired with a crispy white well fitted but one-size-bigger shirt, cuffed sleeves, messy hair, or bun, or ponytail, a watch, a tote-bag, a pair of sneakers, espadrilles, flat sandals, brogues, or classic pumps.

SHOP the look:


For a glossy sophisticated style chose skinnier jeans, loose shirt, to cover your hips, DO NOT tuck it in, stiletto sandals, pumps, or ballet flats, a glossy bag, glossy hair, a bracelet, a great necklace. All golden. Think Olivia Palermo.

SHOP the look:


I mean… seriously… either I’m obsessed with this look a little bit too much, so that my vision is slightly clouded, OR I’ve just nailed the sartorial jackpot. I swear THIS look right here, in its many forms and shapes should be the winner of best style everrrr.

If you still can’t see what I’m saying, just scroll down please.


streetstyle-new-york-ss-14-2 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-1 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-2 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-3 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-8 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-9 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-12 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-13 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-14

white-shirt-and-jeans-look-11 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-15 white-shirt-and-jeans-look-16

Milan Fashionweek SS2015 day1, outside Gucci, barbara martelo

white-shirt-and-jeans-look-19 white-shirt-blue-jeans white-shirts-and-jeans

Of course, there’s this tiny possibility that I’m wrong, delusional, obsessed, and I’m reading way way waaaaaaay too much into a simple thing, BUT I am a woman on a mission to find the right button-down shirt. And I shall not give up, until I wear this look so much, I’ll be speaking fluent French.



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  1. Harvey Lee says:

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  2. Putu says:

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  3. Cheryl Van Dorn says:

    Besides naked, my husband’s favorite outfit on a woman, crisp white oxford with fresh ironed Levi’s, have to agree, it does look fabulous, classic treasure, I have oodles of white oxfords & great Levi’s! Merry Christmas All, :-))!!!

  4. Faisal Zahoor Ahmad says:

    This is a great article. I never know how dressed up or dressed down to go. Thanks for sharing this great post! t will help me to get new look. The combination of blue jeans and white is looking awesome.


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