MEN: How To Wear Casual & Office SHIRTS This Spring?

What better way to start off a week, than by playing stylists for the men in our lives. Can I get an Amen? And by the way, the ‘&’ in the title is not unintentional, quite the opposite actually, because I feel like some men out there need to make a very clear distinction between OFFICE shirts AND CASUAL ones. Not that wearing one or the other, any and everywhere is wrong. Not at all. Like I said, it’s about style and swag, and rules are meant to be bend every now and then.

BUT, in case some of you lads are wondering IF you wear a button down shirt for work differently than for going out par example, know this: you probably do. And it’s less about the shirt per se, and more about HOW you style it.

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Plaid shirts can go from beaches to office hours, so can denim, and quite honestly so can white shirts. Of course, I’ve got a soft spot for denim and white shirts so I’ll take those on men anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Sure T-shirts, jerseys, sweaters or birthday suits do the trick as well, but there’s something very sexy and effortlessly polished about a man in a button-down shirt.

And while we’re at it, make sure you beautiful boys check out Natty Shirts – an online shirts shop packed with some of the most beautiful shirts I’ve seen in a while.

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP


Hear me out: they’re 100% Egyption cotton, and range from classic colours and cuts (white, blue, black) to slightly more edgy and sophisticated styles, yet classy still. I love their simplicity with just a touch of trendiness, like the ones that have plaid print on the inside of the sleeves and neck-line, because obviously men look so much hotter in cuffed sleeved shirts and 1, 2, 3 buttons (okay, all the way down why not. 70s style alert.) left undone.

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP


Their shop tells you all you need to know about each fabric (thickness, thread, weave), and you can buy them ready-made or CUTSOM them yourself (pick the fabric and make your own shirt). And the prices are worth several ‘OMGOMGOMG‘s. So click away here, browse, and shop: NATTY SHIRTS

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt To The Office?

Usually more classic styles are a better fit for office, BUT depending on how adventurous you are and your personal style, I would very much say that ANY shirts can go to the office IF you style them correctly.

Well… maybe Hawaiian shirts, or tropical print styles (which are a massive trend in Spring 2015) not so much. But again, it depends on your office dress code.


Simple white, blue, black, one colour shirts look good for office no matter if you wear them with jeans or more dressy pants, brogues, tennis shoes (YES those too), loafers work as well. Tuck your shirt in, wear a belt, that does not have to match your shoes. Slap a skinny tie if you want to. Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat. Keep it simple and classic. This look is the easiest to do for office, cause a classic coloured shirt looks professional no matter what you pair it with.

men-shirts-office-styles-spring-2015-4 office-shirts-styles-for-men-4 office-shirts-styles-for-men-12

Printed shirts, more funky style, short sleeves, denim DO go for the office as well. Here’s HOW:

  • wear a skinny tie with them
  • button them all the way up
  • tuck them in
  • pair them with more smart, elegant pieces: blazer, dark pants, oxford shoes, brogues etc.

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Plaid shirts, not flannel, are a more classic with a boho-chic twist style, and look great with:

  • dark jeans
  • chinos
  • black pants
  • brogues, oxfords, Martens, tennis shoes
  • tucked in



Although… for the past years THIS particular look has become a uniform for all boys too lazy to think out of the box fashion wise. Yes, it looks good, it’s put together, slightly trendy, but it’s been so done that I’d like to see something new.

office-shirts-styles-for-men-6 office-shirts-styles-for-men-8

Also, if I see one more boy in this uniform on a Saturday night… I swear I’ll either go insane, or just let him know IT’S OKAY TO DRESS CASUAL WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT WORK. In what? Here’s a crazy thought… A T-shirt!

OR even a shirt. Even the same shirt but styled more casually.


Get the look here: Natty Shirts shop

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt More Casually?

No matter the shirt (perhaps not a tuxedo shirt) pair it with more laid back pieces like:

  • jeans
  • shorts,
  • tennis shoes, loafers, boots
  • cuff your jeans/pants
  • roll up the sleeves of the shirt
  • And have fun with accessories: watches, hats, baseball caps, jewellery.

office-shirts-styles-for-men-5 men-shirts-casual-looks-spring-2015 office-shirts-styles-for-men-11

Sounds like such a cliche but it’s always in the details. When the going gets tough remember this:

  • slim cut shirts are the best
  • office wear: dark shirts or white shirts work best and easiest to style. Funkier styles go best for office when paired with more classic pieces.
  • casual wear: printed more fun styles look more trendy, OR keep your office shirt on, BUT pair it with more casual funky pieces.
  • a good fit is tres importante

casual-shirts-styles-men-trends-2015-spring-1 casuashirts-styles-men laid-back-shirts-styles-for-men-1 men-shirts-casual-look-natty-shirts-shop men-shirts-casual-looks-1 men-shirts-casual-looks-natty-shirt men-shirts-casual-looks-streetstyle men-shirts-casual-styles men-shirts-casual-styles-spring-2015-1 men-shirts-casual-styles-spring-2015-2 men-shirts-office-styles-spring-2015-1 men-shirts-office-styles-spring-2015-2 office-shirts-styles-for-men-2

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

men button down shirts from NATTY SHIRTS SHOP

And now boys go out there and be trendy men. Or classic. Or chic & sophisticated. Whatever you do… be yourselves. And seriously don’t listen to me, cause what the hell do I know.

Oh… except that you pretty boys look kinda hot in button down shirts, and here’s the shop to get those fab shirts: —>> NATTY SHIRTS shop ;)