Yes, fashion is supposed to be about originality and ‘showing off your personality’. But we can’t all be creative all the time and sometimes it’s just easier to look at a fashion magazine and copy the idea in real life. So, here are ideas for those lazy days – 9 outfits from Topshop’s latest spring campaign that deserve to be stolen.

1. Metallic jackets

Topshop’s spring collection has a beautiful Metallic Hooded Windbreaker Jacket, which is perfect for these early spring days. The metallic shine just adds a bit of badass flair to your look and makes it easy to combine it with a dress or jeans. Aside from Topshop, Zara has a stunning collection of metallic jackets.

2. Oversized V-neck knits

Since the weather is not yet warm enough to allow us to hang around in t-shirts, Topshop’s collection has provided us with a humble knitted shirt. The knits are on point with the season’s biggest trends: oversized look and a V-neck finish. Similar to Topshop’s design are Next’s oversized knits, which are a perfect pair for your skinny jeans.

3. Frill blouses

Floral patterns are also visible in the retailer’s blouse collection. The frill blouse in floral design is a perfect way to style a skirt or skinny jeans. It adds a bit of beautiful frailty to your look and provides a fresh way to wear traditional frill shirts. If your blouse is see-through, like the Topshop model, you can use a simple crop-top underneath. A nude top is especially great option to pair with the specific blouse.

4. Vinyl peg trousers

Peg trousers are a must-have trend for spring 2017. While you can find peg trousers in all sorts of finishes, Topshop’s shiny vinyl trousers are worth checking out. The old-fashioned design has a modern feel to it in the vinyl finish. The trousers are a perfect pair for your oversized knit or even the frill blouse.

5. Ankle tie pumps

The Kute Ballet Ankle Tie Pumps in the spring collection are adorable beyond belief. They tick all the boxes – they look sophisticated, fun and comfortable. The pumps are a nice change from your typical ballerinas. They also give you a great reason to wear skirts and mini-shorts this season. If you’ve not yet fallen with the latest short design, check out the collection at and be ready to add a few more items to your shopping list.

6. Ruffled Midi Dresses

Since we have the shoes for dresses, we might as well shop for a dress as well. Topshop’s collection featured a beautiful Floral Ruffle Midi Dress, which is a great look for work or school. The floral design together with the ruffled finish creates a chic look with an elegant flair. The dress would pair perfectly with the ankle tie pumps. If ruffled and floral looks are not your thing, consider opting for colour-blocking midi dresses. These are a more classic, yet fun alternative to this look.

7. Furry sliders

Sliders are the most comfortable shoes and we should all deserve to wear them whenever we want – yes, even at work! In all honesty, the Fierce Furry Slider is almost fit for work. The lovely furry detailing adds a bit more sophistication to the humble slip-on shoe without making it too posh to wear with your sweat pants.

8. Floral denim skirts

Spring is also the season for skirts. Denim skirts are back in fashion and Topshop has added a beautiful floral pattern to their skirt. The big floral finish adds a lovely chic touch to the casual denim, making the shirt suitable for the smart casual situation. The collection also features a denim jacket in the same pattern, which could be worth buying as well. However, you can also pair the skirt with any denim jacket or even a velvet blazer in a bright red!

9. Lace-up trainers

Finally, Topshop added another shoe design to our wish list: the lace-up trainer. Trainers, especially black trainers, are definitely the casual shoes of the season. It looks cool when paired with jeans or even dresses – don’t be afraid to go comfortable and use lace-up trainers with your outfits.

So, there you have it – the nine outfit ideas and trends you should steal from Topshop’s new spring campaign. While the above lists actual items from Topshop, you can find similar items from other fashion retailers like Joules & Miss Selfridges. If you don’t want to spend much on updating your spring wardrobe, you should consider searching for discounts on VoucherBin for exclusive collection of spring fashion. Vouchers are a great way to shop for your favourite fashion brands while saving on your cart.

So, pick your favourite outfits from the above selection and add the trends to your lookbook – fashion can be fun and easy if you sneak in the occasional style fashion steal and these looks are definitely worth copying!

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