What to wear to work every day of the week and nail the office wear game?

We get to play with fashion and take style to work in our office outfits. Yay. Mondays – they’re the best of times, they’re the worst of times. Or maybe just the latter if you’re to pay any attention to all the facebook memes going around. Still, not all is lost on Mondays, cause alongside the blues and the weekend hangovers we’ve got office wear!

Please contain your excitement.

office wear

If our love for all sartorial things has taught us a valuable lesson it’s that this ‘passion for fashion’ blissful crap is both a gift as well as a nightmare.

How many of you really wake up and start singing of joy cause it’s Monday, and use the extra hour before work to try on work outfits ideas with a smile on your face, only to finally, in an even more fake-happy state of mind, pick a colorful posh combo office attire to go with your Monday happiness?

Yeah. I thought so.

If this is you, then read no more.

If however, every week 3 out of 5 times you find yourself running late, buried in clothes that to a mere mortal would make a killer office look, but to you they’re all ‘stuff’ that bring out the fashion monster inside you, leaving you looking stupid in your underwear staring at piles, and I mean PILES of clothes thinking ”Great! I’ve got nothing to wear”, then I’ve got 2 things to tell you.

(1) This post is for you, and

(2) You’re husband/BF/roommate (with no fashion penchant) probably thinks you’re crazy.

What to wear to work?

Cause the recurring question of ‘what to wear at work’ is pertinent from Monday to Friday, why not take a deep breath and put our creative fashion minds to work? With one side note: we need to figure out how to stop dressing boring to work! If you’ve got the secret please share. Errr please know, simple and classy do not boring make.

7 work outfit ideas to get you going from Mondays to Fridays.


1. The CLASSIC Look

Probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office and nail the wear to work situation, this work outfit is perfect for all jobs. But it’s also the most likely to get you looking boring, unless you remember this ONE TIP:

*always wear a statement piece, or add a fun item to your look (shoes, bag, jewellery, watch, lips, nails. It’s all in the details.).

If you’re looking to add some glamour and sophistication to your work attire, a diamond watch is an excellent choice of accessory. It not only serves as a functional timepiece but also as a statement piece that can take your outfit to the next level. Whether you choose to wear it with a classic suit or a simple dress, a diamond watch is a versatile and timeless accessory that exudes luxury and elegance. By incorporating this stunning piece into your work wardrobe, you can easily transform a basic outfit into a chic and polished look that’s sure to impress your colleagues and clients alike. So remember, when it comes to nailing the wear to work situation, it’s all in the details, and a diamond watch is the perfect detail to elevate your style.

office-wearoffice wearoffice wearoffice-wear-business-chicoffice-wear-classic-look (2)office-wear-classic-lookoffice-wear-classyoffice-wear-dress (2)office-wear-pencil-skirtwhat-to-wear-to-work-office-wearoffice-wear-pants-blouseoffice-wear-stylework-outfits

2. The CASUAL Business Office Look

It’s the easiest, and it  basically translates to jeans office wear.

The TIP is to always pair casual work outfits with heels, a very smart/feminine top (think silky blouse, men-shirts, structured tops), a blazer and a professional bag. Have fun with accessories and even shoes and bags depending on your job.

office-wear-casul-lookoffice-wear-all-whiteoffice-wear-jeans (2)office-wear-jeans (3)office-wear-jeansoffice-wear-jeans-at-workoffice-wear-casual-glamoffice-wear-jeans-blouse


A look for those who’ve got slightly more penchant for fashion and ladies office wear, but look like they don’t give a crap, yet, to the trained eye they’re street-style-worthy.

The TIP: clash different style items, play with shapes (slouchy versus fitted), with looks (feminine and masculine). Heels look best with this style, yet brogues or oxfords do the trick as well.

work-office-looksoffice-wear-pants (2)office-wear-street-styleoffice wearoffice wear

4. GLAMOROUS at the Office

This office outfit is for all those sexy women who also run the world, but prefer to do it in glam office attire: bright lips, sky high heels and office outfits that can go from 9 am to late dinner cocktails.

The TIP: fabulous heels, expensive perfumes, rich fabrics, pencil skirts and silky blouses, long trousers, statement golden necklaces, brand watches and massive bags or clutches. These ladies are not afraid to flaunt it all.

office-wear-inspirationsoffice-wear-dressoffice-wear-glamourusoffice-wear-look (2)office-wear-pencil-skirtoffice-wear-pencil-skirt-blazeroffice-wear-sexy-dress


This office outfit is easy to do, but it needs training, so experiment away and have fun with clothes.

The TIP: enjoy fashion and always wear at least 1 statement piece, clash styles, use a classy look for a start base and then add itemes according to your personality and job.

Men inspired looks with super sexy heels, massive bling, sporty luxe sweatshirts with classy pencil skirts, hats, prints, leather, sheer, denim – all that the non-connoisseurs label as work inappropriate is quite the opposite, because it’s about styling them & making them work. Hence… it’s about having fun with your outfits for work.

office wearoffice wearoffice-wear-man-blazeroffice-wear-mismatched-printsoffice-wear-sophisticated-stylestreet-style-office-wearoffice-wear-pantsoffice-wear-pastelsoffice-wear-women-suitoffice-sophisticated-looks

6. SIMPLE & FEMININE office wear ladies.

It’s an easy peasy look if you’re the kinda gal who loves flowy flirty dresses, tiny jewelry and looking casual smart all the time. If you think chiffon and flirty is not for office think again.

The TIP: it’s all about the hem. Wear knee-length or over-the-knee dresses or skirts in any color or print, cinged at the waist, paired with smart blazers. Shoes wise, heels look better however you can also don ballet flats.

office-wear-skirt-ballet-flatsoffice-wear-plaidoffice-wear-street-style (2)office-wear-street-stylespring-dresses-for-officeoffice-wear-street-style (3)

7. The EDGY office looks. 

They’re not for the faint hearted ones, nor for all work domains, although, one can add a slight edge to any look and get away with it.

Probably this style is more appropriate for those who work creative jobs and have less of a strict office attire, therefore they can add a bit of their own thing into their outfits for work: boots, leather, T-shirts, darker lips, nail-art, tennis shoes.

The TIP: mix and match statement with simple pieces into great work outfit ideas. ;)

office-wear-edgy-sophisticated (2)office-wear-edgy-sophisticatedoffice-wear-edgy-styleoffice-wear-street-style-dressoffice-wear-streetstyle

In conclusion, consider this your office wear inspiration for the week.


Get the look here:

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      thanks so much Linda! ah… winter (hate it!) and except for layers there’s nothing great about this season (to me, anyway). So I say: make use of tons of layers, wear comfy sweaters over crispy shirts, trousers or pencil skirts and boots preferably (no heels I guess). Coat or even thick parka on top. You can have fun with accessories though ;) Also, when it’s that cold, really fashion is probably the last thing on our minds, and comfort + staying warm come first. xoxo

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