This is it people. I proclaim this the IT dress of the century. Actually forget the century, of all times. From its versatility in how-to-wear, to its easiness to be packed and carried even in your pocket to wherever Instagram destination you’re off to, the SLIP ON party dress is the baddest bitch out there. Sans trying. That’s the key. I have no words left in my coloured vocabulary to describe my adoration, love, and lust for this absolutely perfect dress.

Okay. I know I have a slight condition towards exaggerating and letting myself get carried away, but I swear to you this time it’s for real. I know it’s not the first time I’ve said or felt that but I really really think this is it. Like I’ve found my #1 staple.

So what if I get carried away at times, and give in to some spur of the moment lust, or profess my love, or give in to temptation, what if I eat a whole cake at once, drink a whole box of wine, sip Jack out the bottle. So. Fucking. What? I’m like that… today it’s boots day, tomorrow I’m dancing in stiletto sandals at -10 degrees. That don’t mean either moments were un-true. It just means I’m crazy.


Ever since I discovered clothes were meant to do more than cover you (circa 90s let’s say) I was obsessed with slip on dresses. They were also the IT dresses of the 90s, and I thought nobody could top Drew Barrymore or Kate Moss in their super minimal, uber simple, incredibly hot slip ons. A few years ahead and I still think so. I have of course grown up since. Well I’m not mature or anything, but I look like a grown up, and sometimes I tend to think like one.

slip-on-party-dresses-trend-9 slip-ons-dresses

Slip on dresses have made such a name for themselves that even to this day they’re the most basic yet very sexy, and very fuss-free dress a woman can wear. Back in the day the look was a slip on over a basic tee, remember?

Today the slip on dress is a bit more sophisticated. While it kept its cut and design with its spaghetti straps and following-the-body-line, but not tight, it gained a lot more versatility and chic quality to it.

And because of this, its comeback as the IT party dress is pretty much guaranteed. We do live in a time when girls and women want to feel free but also look kinda posh without trying. A great quality slip on dress will do just that. A lot of styles these days are made from silk, lace, or very high quality fabrics that will make a slip on dress look fabulous as an evening or party dress paired with stilettos and dark lips for example, OR being quite simple yet posh it will look amazing for daytime clashed against a pair of moto-boots and a leather jacket, or a chunky sweater over it. It’s pure sophistication I tell you.

For cold winter nights when you’re off to some cocktail or party in a posh club I swear a black or grey slip on dress made from silk with a lace hem, spaghetti straps, half bare back, knee length, side-slit, and a pair of thigh high boots is the ultimate showstopper look.

I did come across a few days ago on an article suggesting the sartorial power this slip on party dress has, to which I completely acquiesce. It’s a great piece to have and wear on night outs or casual parties, especially with the winter party season upon us. I’m not saying strut your boobs sans bra and nude backs in a slip on at your Christmas party at the office, I’m only saying a slip on version is a starting point for such an occasion. Then there are the parties in town occasions when you can do whatever the hell you want, NYE parties, dates.

Ummm… remember Carrie in her sex-dress? That was a slip on dayumn nude dress that, to this day is the IT dress and one of my faves. From a woman who’s obsessed with over the top and doesn’t believe in less is more (moi) I am certainly rooting for this minimal statement piece.

party-dresses slip-on-party-dresses-trend-1

How to pick the right slip on dress?

It all depends on the occasion. Midi length slip ons are a major trend, in good quality fabrics, so this will allow you to wear them for  any occasion really. Pair it with a sweater cardigan for a casual party for example, OR wear it with stilettos and a statement bling or bold lips for evening.

Long slip on dresses, or tea-length are perfect for evening, for weddings, red carpet inspired events, cocktails, posh gatherings. Fabulous jewellery and a faux fur coat, a pair of sexy stiletto sandals and it’s a shut the front door moment.

There are also the mini slip ons which are fabulous for evening dancing or dates occasions.

When picking the slip on remember 2 things: 1. never wear it too tight, the silk is a cruel fabric. Totally unforgiving. 2. it’s all about the fabric. Avoid jersey slip ons, unless they’re for summer, beach, daytime super casual looks. Party wise the slip on has got to be a precious thing in silk, satin, lace insertions with super thin straps, and a cut that follows the body but is not tight, nor it is baggy.

slip-on-party-dresses-trend-3 slip-on-party-dresses-trend-5 the-slip-on-party-dress-1

What is the downside of it all? Well… in case you didn’t know EVERYTHING has a downside. Any good shit out there has its bloody minuses. But that’s ok. The slip on’s greatest fault is its body cruelty. Due to its thin fabric, and close-to-the-body cut it’s very unforgiving. It will show that cake, that extra pizza slice, that box of wine you just had. So I guess that settles it for me. I rarely say ‘no’ to a lot of things, food included, but I might just start cutting out on some guilty pleasures for this dress.

Another downside is how the slip on basically forces us to go commando. Oh wait… that’s a perk. Yeah. Who needs knickers anyways? Or bras? Truth is, if we’re going to do this ladies there are options to going commando, like that invisible lingerie, the strapless bra. So… eventually we got no excuses but to embrace this very sexy and minimal evening style.

Let’s sigh now. I’ll let you scroll right for some of my fave picks with the promise that I will make this IT dress my #1 staple for the rest of time. But aware nobody cares, but anyway.


Street style & inspiration.


slip-on-party-dresses-trend-4 slip-on-party-dresses-trend-7 slip-ons the-slip-on-party-dress-2 the-slip-on-party-dress-3 the-slip-on-party-dress-4 the-slip-on-party-dress-6 the-slip-on-party-dress-8 the-slip-on-party-dress-9 the-slip-on-party-dress-10 the-slip-on-party-dress-11 the-slip-on-party-dress-12 the-slip-on-party-dress-13 the-slip-on-party-dress-14

So if you’re off to some posh party or sophisticated debauchery over the weekend… think about the slip on dress. You’re welcome.





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    I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You are amazing! Thanks!

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    Gorgeous! Love those party dresses so much. Those dresses are just perfect for party, rave or any events. Thumbs up for the post.


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