The SLIP Dress: YES Or NO?

kate-moss-slip-dress (2)If Kate Moss got a nickle for every time  she wore a slip dress in the 90s, and later on throughout her posh life, she’d be a millionaire. Oh wait. She did. And I’m guessing she is. A millionaire. Not necessarily cause of the slip dress, but she did make it famous back in the day. And since everything today has got something to do with the 90s (for the love of GOD!) the slip dress too was bound to make its major comeback.

Do we jump up and down of joy for this trend’s comeback, or sit this one out? kate-moss-slip-dress (3)kate-moss-summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend-slip-dress (4)kate-moss-slip-dressOut of all the things fashion has given & taken from us for the past 20 years I swear, the SLIP DRESS is the one thing I was dying to see come back to life again. So pardon my biased opinion on the IT dress of 2014 summer (and the grunge glam uniform of the 90s), but I simply adore it.

There’s just something so sexy and laid back about this dress, the way it resembles a seductive nightie, yet it’s not, the way it feels to the touch, so damn silky and luscious (must be the silk fabric doh.), the way it’s so easy to slip into, hence the name. Doh. I mean… it’s fucking great! the-slip-dress-trendStyle wise it goes a mile… as it can be worn in a billion ways, equally effortless and hot. It looks great with high heels, the kind that were hot in the 90s as well. Think strappy sandals, or even lace up stilettos. Personally I don’t like how it looks with pumps, and chunky ugly shoes, nor wedges, buuuut… if you love it, why the hell not. the-slip-dress (2)Then there’s the basic style: flat sandals, or gladiator flat sandals. Don’t like ballet pumps with this, nor espadrilles. summer-style-maxi-slip-dress-trendThen there’s the grungy side: motorcycle boots, and combat styles, or even ankle boots. These look incredibly edgy and are a massive style statement, as they clash with this dress’s femininity and simplicity. Add a chunky sweater on or a leather jacket and you’re practically Kate Moss when she was dating Johnny Depp. summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (2)The blogger look. Or today’s sporty glam relaxed style: the slip dress and sneakers. Or birkenstocks. It’s different, but quite cool. Quirky and fun.summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (6)One more massive plus the slip dress has is its styles, cuts & designs. Sure, all are basically the same: thin straps, silky or chiffon fabric, cut to the body line, but not fitted, yet while keeping all its traits intact, designers are giving us plenty more. Colors and prints (although… please don’t be rolling your eyes right now, but the black slip dress with the lace trimmings is still the best.). Different lengths, from minis to maxis, all is out there. Cutouts. Fabric insertions, and what not.

Here are a few street styles to get us inspired… :) kate-moss-slip-dress (4)kate-moss-slip-dress (6)kate-moss-slip-dress (7)kate-moss-slip-dress (8)madonna-slip-dresssilver-dress-slip-dress (2)-slip-dress (3)-slip-dressslip-dress-lookstreetstyle-slip-dresssummer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (2)summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (3)summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (4)summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (5)summer-style-the-slip-dress-trend (7)summer-style-the-slip-dress-trendthe-slip-dress (3)the-slip-dressthe-slip-dress-trend (2)the-slip-dress-trend (4)the-slip-dress-trend (3)So what do you think? Will you slip into it, or not?