When you hit a certain age the special occasion term gets some new meaning, and you tend to cater more to the lazy Sunday in front of the TV, or binge watching on a Saturday rather than having shots on a Friday.

Just kidding.

Actually yes and no. It tends to fluctuate you know. But since the term special occasion has yet to change its general meaning, we are stuck in a somewhat labeled from of dressing, which of course excludes pyjamas or birthday suits. So depending on what your agenda has in store for you on weekend evening – special occasion wise – you will probably have to consider outfits for either weddings, club/dancing night, red-carpet inspired events, cocktails, dancing dinners, dates, and so on.

What to wear on such special occasions? Anything that floats your boat really, cause as long as you wear a pair of sexy heels I’m guessing you can make a paper bag look hot as hell. So then anything from a silky sexy jumpsuit to even a power suit tailred for evening could look bomb.

Today though I am sharing with you special dresses for special occasions courtesy of Dress Shop. 

It’s great that we tend to go more for sophisticated looks, and step out of our comfort zones on a general sartorial basis, but when it comes down to picking a look for a special occasion we usually go for dresses.


Red carpet inspired event. For such cocktail red-carpet-ish situations I LOVE white long dresses. Something about them for me is the definition of luxe and elegance. Black long classic dresses or even red ones look amazing too. Keep the rest clean and minimal: hair, makeup, bling, go for simple stiletto shoes and let the dress speak for itself.

My fave long dresses from Dress Shop below.



Night out in town: date night, dinner, dancing, clubbing. You gotta nail 2 scenarios here: looking hot and feeling comfortable. Hello short dresses. You can have fun with sequins, and see-throug, and lace, and all sorts of sexy details. Keep the rest simple but sophisticated: leave your hair down or opt for a ponytail, go for more funky shoes, a cool clutch, and a great jacket on top. It’s perfect.

Get the look with my fave ones from Dress Shop.



Special dinner events. Read those where long gowns are a no-no, and short ones are a faux pas. Hello midi dresses, that speak flormal but look very luxe and elegant.

My fave ones from Dress Shop below.



Hope you enjoyed this.


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