Designer Dresses For Special Occasions: How To Pick The Right One?

Once you get passed April you can literally hear wedding bells every weekend, events lining up faster than sartorials at designer sales, it’s raining with invites for fancy dinners, cocktail parties, red carpets, and outdoor happenings all throughout summer. Ah, the struggles. And no, I am not joking. If you too love fashion but get both excited as well as panicked at the thought of having to stylishly attend the poshest events of summer, know this: you are not alone. We all know, a pretty face, a great makeup and hair, and countless wine glasses in beautiful manicured hands is not all we need.

Yes the wine helps, and so does that fab smile, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a gorgeous dress on, would it?


How to pick the right dress? One thought: if when seeing the gown you sigh, you make ah, or oh sound and your heart skips a beat, that’s the dress you love and you need. Period. You don’t need to be a bride to have the a-ha moment.

From my experience I’ve learned that a coup de foudre with a dress for an event is a must. It’s as crucial as putting on mascara.

I have had this type of moment with J. Mendel’s 2016 collection. Like a literally shut the front door pure moment. The brand, of which I am huge fan of is the embodiment of luxe and femininity with a dash of sophistication and glam, while being simple, and oozing amazing taste.

You want all this in an evening dress, plus perfect quality, incredible fabric, cut, design, and the best simple classic vibe mixed with a dash of edge & modern sophistication. And then, from there on, the dress can have the style of your choice: it can be luxe and glam, or minimal, or extravagant, or pure simplicity. J. Mendel’s dresses deliver to this. Their entire collection for 2016 is absolutely fabulous. For me it’s like they read my mind as to what I want to wear to this summer’s posh events and ta-daaa.


When picking the right dress for a specific fancy event we must keep in mind all the above, our personal style (cause we wanna feel comfortable with the look and the outfit we rock), and the occasion.

For a black-tie event, like a very glamorous wedding you need to wear a gown. A long beautiful dress. These are my ultimate fave from J. Mendel. 


jmendel-evening-gowns-1 jmendel-evening-gowns-1 jmendel-evening-gowns jmendel-evening-gowns jmendel-evening-gowns jmendel-evening-gowns jmendel-evening-gowns jmendel-evening-gowns

Club, restaurant or outdoor events with a dash of relaxed-edge to them, or a certain type of sartorial sophistication allowed, can give us just the right amount of room to wear more adventurous dresses. From two-pieces, to mini styles, to incredibly sexy ones, J. Mendel is the go-to-choice.

I kid you not – I am in LOVE with these J. Mendel dresses. They are the perfect summer elegance meets simplicity and glam combo.


jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-dresses jmendel-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses jmendel-designer-dresses

The best part about rocking a designer dress like J. Mendel’s? You don’t need to bother too much on other details. The dress is the star, and it’ll be perfectly completed by a pair stilettos, natural hair and why not bold lips.

At this point you will literally need just two other things: a glass of wine, and your fab you.

Just make sure to check out J. Mendel’s RTW 2016 collection. You will die with lust.