Never in my life have I traveled so much in winter to skiing resorts as I have this year. Of course I don’t ski, hence me never going anywhere in winter, but this year it’s been magical. (still don’t ski, just there for the #winterwonderland) And a little nerve-racking. Travelling to freezing temperatures, with a 7 months baby, the packing alone is a LOT let me tell you that. And if on top of this you wanna shoot a few outfit pics… then let’s just say you need to pack 1 week in advance. Aaaaanyway like I said I’m not the most winter well-traveled person out there. I mean what do people wear in winter to skiing trips anyways?! If they don’t ski that is? Are duvets acceptable? What is the apres-ski fashion these days? And once you have that figured out… the biggest Q of them all is what boots to wear? Are UGGs okay? How about Timberlands? Am I ridiculous for not knowing these things?!

Are snow boots a must? And are all snow boots ugly? What do I buy if I don’t ski, I wanna feel warm but I also wanna look ‘mountain-chic’ if possible (go on roll those eyes) but also blend in with the winter connoisseurs?

Well… starting with 2018 I feel like winter fashion aka apres ski is having a moment, and winter snow boots ARE a must, both fashion wise as well as necessity. So if you wanna travel in winter wonderland you can be all winter equipped AND look chic AF. In snow boots that is.

What SNOW BOOTS to wear this season?

Brown, camel, beige snow boots are super stylish and very IN this season, as they go so amazingly with white or camel winter outfits. Personally I think white or beige outfits look so rich and luxe in winter, even for mountain trips.

Fur boots are so extra I swear, but I love them! I think they’re like the drama queens of snow boots, and I’m such a drama queen myself so YES I’d totally wear them. (in fact we’ve planned another winter trip soon… so I seriously might consider this option.) If you wanna go all out go for big chunky fur coloured boots. Do it for instagram. (I swear I do sometimes only wear or buy something cause I know it’ll look good on Instagram. #sojudgeme)

Moon boots are having a major moment this year and as ugly as they may look they’re actually pretty dope. They’re waterproof as all snow boots must be, they;ve got the little fur, the laces going on for them (another major snow boot thing this season) and they look so fashion.  A little too victim but personally I don’t mind it.

Those classic waterproof lace up snow boots – THOSE are the definition of ugly but they’re trendy, warm, practical, and not so bad if you’re into the ugly shoe trend whole thing.


And to answer my own question… YES I genuinely believe it’s okay to wear timberlands and uggs in the snow. Of course I’m not a skiing person… or a winter person so what the hell do I know.

SHOP my faves:


How to style snow boots?

If you’re a winter mountain person you’re probably not too worried about this sort of stuff… but my shallow soul aches for this kind of thing. So… if the winter holidays at skiing resorts have taught me anything (alongside my passion for fashion! #godIhatemyself) it’s that:

  • in 2019 keep it monochromatic (‘ish)
  • wear tone on tone (even in winter)
  • mix textures
  • snow boots and a hat are a must
  • puffier jackets look great, but also nude teddy coats
  • scarfs and gloves are great details
  • always invest in a great cozy knit sweater
  • white jeans can actually make a great winter outfit

Ha the irony… I’m not a winter gal but I could talk about this for hours.

*goes to ski resort once and thinks they’re a mountain guru

Style inspiration:


Well I don’t know about you but for the first time in my life I’m actually excited about winter mountain outfits and that’s something. Right?

xoxo. D




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