8 Winter Trends To Last A Lifetime

How often do you get to say that about something huh? ‘A lifetime’, ‘forever’, ‘forever and ever’, with no panic attack and real chances of the ‘forever’ happening? Personally I am known for hoping beyond hope, so I’ll let you be your own judge, you can imagine what an idiot I am thinking my relationship with Fashion – 2016 winter trends to be more precise – will actually go beyond eternity, when in fact Fashion is the most neurotic and inconsistent bitch out there. And I ain’t a fucking saint myself.

Anyway… it’s the lucky and the stupid whose hopes die last.

When it comes to 2016 winter trends you can’t blame me though, there’ve been a few looks out there since what feels like forever and truth is it ain’t looking like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Errr hello cropped tops, who’ve started going out just recently with cropped jeans, hello a bob haircut, hello ankle boots, and flats… Seriously it’s a fun cyclical ride lately. And by lately I mean for the past 2 years or so. Some pieces that were labeled as trends have actually turned into staples so I’m not that crazy to call on a forever ring on Fashion. Especially with these 8 winter looks that are 1). Everywhere, and 2). Not going anywhere.

  1. LONG COATS. Been there done that. It’s dramatic, it’s hobo-chic, it’s comfy, cool, sophisticated. Any colour works, and it’s got a bit of that 90s meets 80s vibes. Keeper.

winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-1 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-2 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-3 winter-trends-2016-clong-coats-4

2. SNEAKERS. Truth is anything that has no heel is a winner these days, but sneakers are reigning for a very long time. Worn with anything, especially long coats they’re a guaranteed ticket to looking casual & chic.

white-sneakers-street-style-winter Sydney-street-style-camel-coat-black-work-pants-and-white-leather-sneakers street-style-milan-fashion-week-shoes-23 ShotByGio-George-Angelis-Elisabetta-Di-Maso-Milan-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-Street-Style-2916 Le-Fashion-Blog-7-Ways-To-Wear-Stripes-In-Winter-Grey-Scarf-Striped-Knit-Coat-Leather-Pants-Nike-Sneakers-Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now

ANKLE BOOTS. Mark my words: they will never go away, and Amen to that. From summer to winter, from casual to smart, from heels to flats they will forever be in style.

winter-trends-2016-long-coats-1 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-2 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-3 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-4 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-5 winter-trends-2016-long-coats-6

TURTLENECKS. Shut the front door.There is nothing more French than a massive turtleneck, hair tucked in, coat hanging off your shoulders… And everybody wants to look French so… OR, nothing will ever scream more sexy and retro chic than a tight turtleneck paired with high waisted flared jeans. Oh. My. God. Keepers.

winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-1 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-2 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-3 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-4 winter-trends-2016-turtlenecks-5

CROPPED. From tops to jeans all is tinier and baring: midriffs and ankles. It’s so 90s and 70s it will hang around for quite a while I predict. Besides, it looks so geek-hot-cool-awkward-retro-trendy it’s bound to stick around for at least one more year. Bring the cropped sweaters in. Oh and them cropped jeans please.

winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-1 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-2 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-3 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-4 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-5 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-6 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-7 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-8 winter-trends-2016-cropped-looks-9

NEUTRALS. What could possibly look better than an all-white look against an all-white town (aka street style pic)? I know, I know, I know. A nude look. A grey outfit. Anything pastel and unsaturated. Ladies and gents I give you the soft classy incredibly polished and ethereal winter trend – the neutrals. Keepers. Keepers. All the way.

winter-trends-2016-neutrals-1 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-2 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-3 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-4 winter-trends-2016-neutrals-5

BOYFRIENDS. Naww. Not the male pretty little faces tagging along our brilliant sartorial selves. Not those hot clean shaved or bearded, smart, and funny, and so so so so so very cool in every possible meaning of this shallow word. No. Not the men, but their clothes. Sigh. Don’t you feel like everything these days is men inspired? Shirts, button downs, jeans, blazers… it’s a size bigger and slouchier, and women love it. Keeper.

winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-1 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-2 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-3 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-4 winter-trends-2016-boyfriend-looks-5

The BOB CUT. The most coveted, and most flattering cut on any and everybody, mortal or VIP. No, seriously.

winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-1 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-2 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-3 winter-trends-2016-bob-cut-4

My fave picks for you to get the LOOKS above:


And d’you know the best bit? It’s a a trend stretching out way way way into summer. Well except for the long coats, but even those we can trade for long trench-coats or vests. Huh?

What do you think?