What happens when you can’t sartorially make up your mind? When you love your basic (as in minimal, not ‘basic’) tee but also kinda wanna do the 90s slip dress a la silky evening gown in a very glam-grunge-punk-cool-queen-of-rockenroll-and-hip-hop-sort-of-way.

Oh I know, I know. You imagine you’re ‘Brenda’ from Beverly Hills 90210, circa 1992, OR the Jenners and all the cool girls at Coachella circa 2016. And BAM! you wear both.

My beloved little fashion lovers…

remember back in the day when everyone from Brenda, Donna, Alicia Silverstone or Liv Tyler all the way to moi, aka myself, and toi aka yourself was doing the dopest layering trend ever? Slip dresses over T-shirts. Shut the fucking front door.


Maybe I didn’t milk my teenage years enough, or maybe I wasn’t really getting down and dirty with 90s fashion or something, but this look – to this day – it remains my fave of all time.

I used to watch MTV and everything on it from videos, to shows, to The Real Life, to myself in front of it was in a slip dress of some sort over a white t-shirt, and a thin black choker.

Oh my. The memories. Oh wait, should I sit this one out, having had it done before and all? Nah. I’ll join in again if not for the trendiness than for how perfect this look is. While it can look grungy-cool, it can also look very put together and calm, very work appropriate. I mean nobody’s taking the plunge in my girls if you know what I mean. Not that there’d be a huge plunge to take. Whatever.

It’s a way to do slip dresses without having to worry about boobs and bras and the plunging neckline situation. You just layer it with a t-shirt underneath.

Is there a style secret? It usually looks great with a basic white t-shirt, not too tight, but not loose either. The white or even grey tee gives it a very casual but 90s camisole vibe to it. It looks amazing with shades, boots, chokers, long hair.

You can also don this look with coloured tees or even stripped ones. The point is to not go oversized on the t-shirts. Other than that have fun with layers and prints and patters and colours.

My fave look (stop asking me, I’ll tell you): a silk slip dress, the evening type, midi length, paired with a white tee.

Okay, enough reminiscing let’s shop the look and wear it. And to think we wouldn’t have been able to wear layers in summer. Huh. As if.


The street style part below.



Seriously now, what do you think?

Have a fab one. xoxo

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    Wow! Thank you! I constantly wanted to write on my site something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my website?


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