Only a few décor elements are as fundamental and transformative as an area rug. 

Texture, size, colour, shape and pattern are all variables to consider, along with the persistent doubt of whether it will clash or complement with existing furniture. One wrong, not to mention extremely costly, choice can throw an entire room off balance. 

Hunting for the perfect rug to complement your living room? Consider these tips from the pros and you will be snuggling up in no time. 

 Make Sure the Pile Fits Your Lifestyle 

Before the search even begins, consider your lifestyle. As yourself: Is the priority comfort or glamour? How do you imagine living in this room? Something that will successfully hide wear and tear (like coffee and wine spills)? Do you love to entertain every weekend? For instance, a low-pile wool rug should be easier to clean than something super fluffy or plush. Wool flatweaves are low maintenance because they let most spills fall through without pudding on their surface. If your living room happens to be a low-traffic area, consider silk or a soft mohair rug. They both feel and look amazing under bare feet. Jutes and other natural-fiber options are quite easy to keep up well, however, they are not the most useful if you have kittens that claw and can be scratchy on crawling children skin, for instance.

Consider Care in Your Decision

Flatweave rugs in either acrylic yarns or wool yarns suitable for /outdoor indoor use are both cleanable and durable. Patterns, on the other hand, can be another tricky source of durability. If you consider tips for buying a vintage rug with a busy design throughout, this will contribute to the long-lasting aspect, as possible stains would be less apparent. This can be a particularly helpful household with kids and pets or in a setting like a kitchen, where you’ll be cooking.

Your rugs could benefit from a professional cleaning-touch every now and then, but it might be best to avoid true antiques if you don’t wish an added expense of restoration.

Figure Out Your Rug Style Profile 

Need your new rug as neutral and grounding as possible? Or do you prefer one that’s bold enough to command your large living-room? Something textural or solid will do the former, and a geometric pattern is perhaps better for the latter. That said, it makes sense to add a piece that’s at style likelihoods with the rest of the room, just throw a twist in an otherwise ‘’too perfect scheme’’. Antique-inspired and vintage rugs bring such charm and a sense of history to any space, especially if the architecture is more modern.

Shop Online but Don’t Ignore Brick and Mortar Stores 

There are a plethora of shops online, but not all of them are reliable. We suggest focusing on a website’s responsiveness, photos, and transparency to determine its credibility. If possible, ask the vendor for extra close-up photos if they are not already posted. Also, any seller your buy from should have an amenable return policy as the seven-day return grace period.

It never hurts to visit a few real stores either. As you know, there is no substitute for feeling and seeing a product up close. For instance, you can purchase and have it rebound in some specialty carpet stores if you can’t find something off-the-shelf that you like.

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