You heard me. And you heard me loud and clear. 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter is dark, dramatic, edgy but sleek, incredibly sexy packed with black outfits, leather, fur, thigh-high-boots, chains, chokers, bold lips, heavy makeup. It’s like a freaking BDSM show, except more sartorially sophisticated.

The dark yet very refined somehow punk trend 2015 is not at all new, as it has been done in almost every past decade, but the version it has today… is the best so far. Why? Punk may seem like a very harsh trend – it certainly holds incredible meanings to it, so of course its lack of conformity makes a lot of sense – but the punk look per se is more niche, it resonates more with young people, rebels without a cause, teens, rockstars etc.

Not anymore. Or perhaps we’ve all grown a bit, and turned to our wild ways more than we’d like to admit.

I think it’s a bit of both to be honest. Punk Trend 2015 is definitely more sleek, with a billion ways to rock it, from grungy’er styles, to more sophisticated and refined looks a la fashion editors in NY Fashion Week for example.

On the other hand, lately every girl with a penchant for fashion or makeup is rocking extra dark lips even during the day, with no inclination whatsoever towards the rebelliousness of the punk culture per se. So we have all become less niche and embraced anything that we simply love, but everything on the other hand is more versatile.

Every single designer had models down the runway for 2015-2016 fall in at least a few punk inspired designs. From Balecianga to YSL, or Marc Jacobs they are basically screaming at us to go punk and strong on rocknroll this cold season.

punk-looks punk-looks-celebs punk-looks-fall-2015-1 punk-trend-2015-5

How to do the PUNK trend 2015?

Wearing all-black will not get you very far. Nor draping yourself in plaid. Nor those too ubiquitous leather jackets or moto boots. The punk look today is either very well through out in an outfit that usually does involve leather jackets and plaid and boots, OR it betrays itself in the details.

So you can do all 9 things below in one look or alone and isolated regardless of what you’re wearing to just get a touch of the punk trend.

Thigh high boots. Leather or suede black, with chunky or stiletto heels depending on your look and time of the day. They look fantastic with a black slip-on dress and a cozy long cardigan on top, or you can wear them with a loose sweater dress in pink or purple (punk shades alert).


Dark nails. I love these. From short to stiletto styles they are absolutely fabulous, and give so much elegance to any look.

2dc7839fa7e5804b2753f36898c0ea9a dark nails

Dark lips. ADORE. More about this look here. Also… I feel like doing dark lips on any look will give it just the right amount of edge and punk vibe.

punk-looks-fall-2015-3 punk-looks-fall-2015-7

Plaid. This is the queen of punk. Personally I love plaid skirts (pencil, short, a-line, full), I can’t stand plaid pants or sweaters. Shirts… are fine, very casual, more lubersexual rather than punk, but that’s just how I feel. No need to follow.

punk-looks-fall-2015-9 punk-trend-2015-2

Extra long coats. They are incredibly dramatic so a long black coat over a sweater dress and those thigh high boots is pure sleek punk. LOVE.


Leather anything. I would drape myself in leather 24/7. Black is my fave but I’ll take any colours. Black leather pants are the best investment, leather pencil skirts have a certain smart punk vibe to them, and leather shift dresses are again a great sophititacted option. Wear any, with an extra long coat on top.


Chains. Chokers. Bling. No such thing as less is more. Never. Ever. In a million years. Punk is about chains and very harsh and edgy jewellery in silver mostly. But I think you can do gold and go way and beyond on designs and funky styles.

punk-looks-fall-2015-4 punk-looks-fall-2015-6

Funky colors. Contrary to belief punk is about neon pinks, and blues and greens and purples. So go wild on these, whether they’re on your hair or your clothes.

Black sheer tights. Ripped. Well… This one I’ll sit out, the ripped part at least. It’s too teenager’ish for me and we all know I’m way past that age. Physically.


I adore the drama this trend has and the dark very posh and very sleek vide it sends. As a teen I used to love the rock grunge styles, so you might I’ve done a version of the punk (rebel without a cause, ripped tights and all back in the day), hence my love today for the ultra luxe punk style. I love thigh high leather boots with silky dresses and cashmere sweaters, a faux fur coat on top, funky  bling, black nails, blackberry lips. Swear it’s my fave trend right now.

Even for office: short burgundy nails, black pencil skirt, some chained necklace, a funky but polished top, an extra long coat, high heels… it may seem very elegant, which it is, but it’s got a bit go punk edge to it.

And now let’s have a look at the street stylers and let the fashion inspo run wild.


punk-looks-fall-2015-8 punk-looks-fall-2015-10 punk-looks-fall-2015-11 punk-looks-fall-2015-1000 punk-rock-looks punk-street-style punk-trend-2015-1 punk-trend-2015-4 punk-trend-2015-6 punk-trend-2015-7 punk-trend-2015-8 punk-trend-2015-9 punk-trend-2015-10 punk-trend-2015-12 punk-trend-2015-13 punk-trend-2015-14 punk-trend-2015-15 punk-trend-2015-16 punk-trend-2015-17 punk-trend-2015-18 punk-trend-2015-20 punk-trend-2015-21 punk-trend-2015-22 punk-trend-2015-23 punk-trend-2015-24 punk-trend-2015-25 punk-trend-2015-26 punk-trend-2015-27 punk-trend-2015-28 punk-trend-2015-30

So what do you think: are you in on the dark posh drama this season?


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