If attending red carpet events is your your cup of tea you will LOVE this read. If it’s not, but you need the glam in your life to go with your fab self, again… scroll down. If you hate the glam and the events, but you need a beautiful dress for a special occasion that does not allow your jeans go-to outfit… ah! you’re in luck with this post.

You see, however you look at it, at one point in our lives we all crave for Oscar red carpet dresses. Some more than others. (who, me?!)

Evening lights, luscious venues of white mixed with dark red and black decor.  Stunning flowers, and velvet curtains, and big chairs, and marble floors. The sound of your heels, the sight of your long evening gown as you literally turn all party heads when you walk by them.  Champagne flowing, chandeliers sparkling, beauty is in the air. You get it. It’s just another Friday night.





The thing about evening dresses is that a great gown has this superpower to make you feel like a star. A beautiful evening dress, cut perfectly, that fits you like a glove, accessorised perfectly (not too much, not too little) can really make you feel like a queen.

With all the events in our posh lives and weddings to attend, and cocktail parties to go to and break a few hearts at – we need the perfect dress. Like Oscar red carpet inspired perfect dress. And I have got your back.

Can I also have a tiny red carpet disclosure here? Okay… I confess one of the reasons I am slightly obsessed with celebs’ red carpets events is to steal their dresses. Sort of. Let’s call it inspiration for special events. Tomato tomato… I peak. And I’m not ashamed.

If, like me you’re un-ashamed and sartorially obsessed with events for one reason alone – the evening gowns – then I need not explain more.

I actually and secretly believe that everyone is obsessed with red carpet dresses, they just don’t know it yet.

The brand and shop that can make your Oscar inspired dress is XDressy. You love a Rihanna red carpet dress for example, circa 2014? No problemo, they have it, and better yet they can deliver it to you custom made – same fabric, same colour, OR – you can pick any other colour for that dress. In other words, if you want to wear the evening gown your fave celebrity wore, you can. Or maybe you love the dress, but hated the colour and wished it came in blue. Done. That’s how it works.

Not too shabby right?



Simple or sophisticated,  XDressy has it. I’m not one to go and do the yupee! dance when I’m invited to such posh events, BUT if I gotta go, then I gotta go, and I will try to pick a shut the front door type of dress. Or just turn heads with simplicity.

And if that fails, ah well… there’s always Jack, and champagne, and wine.

Speaking of which… happy Friday everyone and have a fab weekend!



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