Did I say I was a vampire? No? Well, I’m not. But I sometimes like to dress like one. And I love to go out at night more than during the day. I wear a lot of black, lace and leather, red lips, chandelier earrings, seduce, charm et all. I drink red wine. My habits sometimes tend to be those of a beautiful immortal (or so I like to delusion myself), so I might as well continue to live in a beautiful lie, if that gives me enough reason to dress like I’m fucking Bella of the Vampire Luxe Ball. Whatever the fuck that means.

I was not always like this. I don’t mean, ‘crazy’, cause I was always that, but I was never into LACE. Yes, even the best ones tend to make the occasional faux pas.

I always thought of lace and those into it as being soooo pretentious, and wannabe posh and polished with a twist of retro. Today as I’m growing older and apparently a bit wiser, I love lace, and see no problem with the above lace lust. In fact I seek it.

And d’you know what? I do think lace is pretentious but in the sense that it works best with a certain kinda style, AND after a certain age, when the girl or woman in question is more aware and confident about their personal look. A 16 year old girl is gonna wear lace totally different from a 30, or 40 year old woman. And frankly it’s gonna look best on the latter.


So LACE is still IN this winter, or perhaps it’s becoming more mainstream is a much proper statement. Designers sent models down the runway for 2016 winter in very opulent dark luxurious fabrics like fur, leather, velvet, and of course that heavy luxe see-through lace.

Color wise: black is massive this season, but also white lace it has a certain kinda retro punk feel it it. The lace trend for 2016 winter is either very thick and heavy, in big patterns, see-through material, OR it’s very delicate, sheer almost fabric.

Lace loos fantastic in both a dramatic evening dress but also in dresses, skirts, or tops paired with cashmere, with knits, with daytime chunky and cozy items.The clash of posh with casual, light with heavy, luxe with chic pieces and types of fabrics is amazing, and it gives a certain kinda of sophistication and versatility to an outfit.

Personally I LOVE the pairing of a midi lace dress (that is normally an evening dress), with a pair of ankle boots and an uber long coat.


I also think nothing beats a lace sheer dress for evening. Sure it’s very risqué, but if you can wear it, rock the hell out of it.


A lace skirt with a long chunky knit sweater is an amazing way to combine luxe and casual into daytime.


For a more modern take you can try to pair a lace top with jeans. It’s very 90s with a twist.

I swear fashion never ceases to amaze me, or I it. While the trends do all repeat and nothing is really new anymore, how we look at it every single year is so different. The phrase never say never has never been truer than in fashion.

Take me: I hated lace about 5, or 6 years ago, now I’m adoring this fabric for all the above reasons.

So yes, I might consider wearing lace for New Year’s Eve party, then for some time over the workday paired with a chunky knit, and why not for a dinner out.

Outfit ideas below + my fave lace picks for the winter season at the end of the post.


black-lace lace-looks-winter-1 lace-looks-winter-3 lace-looks-winter-4 lace-looks-winter-8 lace-looks lace-top-street-style-600x852 lace-trend-winter-2016-1 lace-trend-winter-2016-2 lace-trend-winter-2016-3 lace-trend-winter-2016-5 lace-trend-winter-2016-6 lace-trend-winter-2016-7 lace-trend-winter-2016-8 lace-trend-winter-2016-9 lace-trend-winter-2016-10 lace-trend-winter-2016-11 lace-trend-winter-2016-12 lace-trend lace winter-lace-5

Get the look:


What do you think about lace? And do you prefer it in that heavy thick fabric, or in the sheer, more light and delicate one?


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