I swear to God if I hear one more trend-Y thing about beards I’ll shoot myself. Ha-Ha, wouldn’t you like that. If you don’t have a beard, or don’t occasionally live in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter land (you freak!), I’ll fill you in the latest out there: men are covering their beards in glitter. YES, this is a thing. A winter holiday thing.

What do we think about it? Are they crazy? Well… not to sound redundant and patronising, but I told you so. Always knew our male counterparts were missing a few up there. Ain’t that great though? Personally I think it’s fabulous and I’m all for the beard, the glitter, the fun, the quirkiness, the crazy, the insane moments we all must have. Fashion and these fads are about taking yourself less serious and just rolling with it.

Of course I wouldn’t go that far as to encourage my dad to sprinkle pink glitter all over his moustache. (…) Took  moment to laugh out loud right now, BUT if some middle age crisis calls for it, by all means, sprinkle that shit regardless of your age and do it.

The thing that pisses me off though is what a bitch Fashion is, I mean it was on Monday I decided to write about the fact that men are giving up their beards, which they are. I mean, the beard trend is over.That some guys, who’ve rocked this look way before it was a cool thing are still doing it, that’s a matter of personal style and lifestyle. I’m talking about the fad chasers, and the rest of the lot. Or those looking to just experience sartorial variations.

Anyway… this week it was the clean shaved, before that it was the beard, before that it was the flowers in the beard, before that it was the stubble. So… obviously if we’re to analyse years going by – in terms of beards – I think the glitter was on its way for quite a while, and we’re about to see more crazy stuff in the future. YAY!

Boys, be prepared though, you will literally sprinkle that glitter shit all over the place while you talk, dance, drink, smoke and so on. Call it a beautiful mess you’ll be doing.

glitter-beards-7 glitter-beards-9

HOW to put glitter in your beard? 

  1. Grow a beard
  2. Use some beard oil (so that the glitter sticks to smth)
  3. Sprinkle glitter

Some of the crazy cool glitter men embracing this holiday look:


glitter-beards-3 glitter-beards-5 glitter-beards-6 glitter-beards-8 glitter-beards-10

So what do you think: will you sprinkle some of that shit or not?



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  1. Gary Shutt says:

    Glitter beards are in trend now a days. I love grooming beards and applying glitter on beards need more care and maintenance. I use effective beard growth products to enrich them.

  2. Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown says:

    I already drew a line under clip on man buns. Glittery beards are one bridge too far!

  3. Lilja says:

    I guess I have to grow a beard now that I can look as cool and trendy (weird, to be honest) as the men above, haha!
    Lilja, www.styleinterrupted.blogspot.com


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