Are All Men Growing Their Hair To Get Some… BUNS?

Seems like lately the world evolves around one thing and one thing only: BUNS. If not in the form of booty, well then… as of lately in the form of MEN BUNS. Top knots. Muns. Hair! You get it? The world has been saved as a new men’s hairstyle is making the rounds and sucking up all the fashion and glory out there. Amen to that. We can now finally go on with our lives.

Although to be honest I would have preferred the buns in discussion to be more on the side of boys and their toys. You know. Junk in their trunk. I mean if Nicki raps it for God’s sake we might as well come clean: we want men with buns. Sense of humor, high IQ, kindness… yeah that’s all great, but… the music’s got us all mad over buns.

‘My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.’

There you have it. men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (4) Leaving the junk in the trunk, we chat today about the #1 Men Hairstyle that’s pretty much sweeping the streets: the TOP KNOT or MAN BUN men-top-knots-hairstyles (12) men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (3) Why this craze? What or who started it?

When I first saw Jared Leto sporting a top knot and a hair bun (we’ll talk the difference in a bit) I hated it. But then again I’m biased, as I utterly dislike men with long hair. I can’t stand long hair on men. Long hair on men is not my thing. I think you got it.

Jared Leto might have started it, (continued by Jake Gyllenhaal, Di Caprio – he should so drop this Mun thing), but it’s the hipsters who put the street style in the hair knots trend. And then the monster was out.

Every man with a mane had a mun. (there is something very disturbing about this sentence). long-hair-men Those who didn’t, had to grow one. Which… was not that hard, as I happen to think this MUN trend is a very natural prolongation of the Undercut. Think about it: one day a handful of cool looking boys with shaved sides and long hair on top decided to stop cutting their hair altogether, or to just stick with the side shave. Which they did.

Later on, necessity commanded all these boys do something about their now long manes when they were cooking, eating, working, living their everyday lives you know. I mean who the fuck can survive with long hair?

So emulating the ladies, with a use of a hair-elastic, they did what we girls are doing for years: they tied they hair up in top knots and buns.

We, on the other hand started chopping off our hair. Go figure. Not gonna get into this right now. men-buns The rise and spread of a trend is a sartorial phenomenon with a life of its own. When my friend Alex gave up the classic undercut (which he still sort of has) in favor of long hair on top, he was probably faced with the above predicament, to which he responded with the top knot. The first time the top knot happened was at some party probably. Then he started wearing one only on weekends. Later on it was all the time. And now the town is packed with men and their top knots.

For which Alex takes all the credit. Seriously I would to. men-hair-buns-style So does this hairstyle trend mean it’s time for the undercut and the beards to wrap it up and get the fuck out? Tumblr seems to agree. A while ago websites like Fuck Yeah, Men With Beards were huge, now it’s Fuck Yeah, Men With Buns. I’m not feeling this shit. I wouldn’t trade one for the other.

Again, nobody asked me. men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (5) While we know trends are like crushes – they’re nice, but never last – when it comes to men top knots I happen to think they look best with at least a stubble, if not a full beard. Plus I hate long hair on men, so this MUN thing is a pretty great alternative. Not that men give a shit about what I think, nor do they dress and groom to please us girls.

But unless you’re Hercules, Conan The Barbarian or some hot dude in GOT… don’t get cocky about your mane. Don’t leave it loose. You’re not a God, nor a film character. Well… if you’re Jason Momoa you can do whatever the hell you want. I bet he can pull off a ponytail. 1 Men Buns/Muns = This hairstyle is for long hair tied at the back of your head. The bun can be a sleek one, a messy one, or even a half one. men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (8) Men Top Knots = This hairstyle is for the undercut with long hair on top. The long hair on top is tied in a knot, with your both or just one side shaved. It’s a sleeker more elegant somewhat version of the men bun. men-top-knots-hairstyles (9) And now boys, let’s have a look at some top knots to get this shit right. Ladies let’s just sit back and enjoy… the buns. ;) men-buns-hair-trend men-buns-looks men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (2) men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (6) men-hairstyle-the-men-bun (7) men-hair-trend men-top-knots men-top-knots-hairstyles (2) men-top-knots-hairstyles (3) men-top-knots-hairstyles (4) men-top-knots-hairstyles (5) men-top-knots-hairstyles (6) monsieur jerome men-top-knots-hairstyles (8) men-with-top-knots men-top-knots-hairstyles-streetstyle men-top-knots-hairstyles (10) men-top-knots-hairstyles (11) men-top-knots-hairstyles (13) men-top-knots-hairstyles What do you think girls: do we like this new trend on our men? Boys you’d better go grow your hair now. We ain’t singing ‘My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun’ for nothing.

And then the world was a prettier sight as  – Every Man With A Mane Had A Mun.

sorry I couldn’t help myself.