Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions, and then some more resolutions. And just in case you’re not quite done… take a sheet of paper, or new office doc and write some more resolutions. Oh, did I say resolutions are the new thing?

Bloody hell. Might as well hit my head on my laptop’s screen now and just get it over with. Everywhere I look for the past few days it’s only about resolutions. We get it. You want a fresh new start. A better one. But guess what, so does the rest of the planet.

(Me included.)


Yes… I’m in the same lot as everyone else, except of course I always crave want I can’t have. And what I can’t have, I’ll end up wanting more. Aside from that I’m basically striving to be a better person. Oh…  and eat like a fat cow, but look like a chicken.

Damn it. I always want the impossible. I’m an idiot like that, but since my poor state of mind is not up for discussion (unless of course you wanna go ahead and have a laugh, then be my guest), today – on  the first working Monday of 2015 (seriously now, I tried to avoid this fucking cliche, but my FB feed is packed with it, so it kinda rubbed on me as well.) – we shall all take a look back at the past and chat about what the hell we wanna take with us in a much more enticing and brilliant 2015, and what we’ll throw to waste.

tumblr_nhokhy6A641s7t05ao1_500 tumblr_n9hkq5bVOW1qgtg29o1_500

THIS is the hardest post I’ve ever had to do. Cause: 1) I’m a very obsessive personality with idealistic ideas, needs and wants for the sake of happiness on all areas (remember the resolutions talk) and, 2) I’m a fucking hoarder. Of everything. From vices and all of those guilty pleasure moments that make up perfect Instagram pics to clothes, trends, styles, looks.

Ah… finally we talk fashion.

As a hoarder of trends… as much as I would love to keep it all in 2015 I do realize it’s impossible. That, and also… even I have had it with some of the looks and the fashion fads out there.

I wonder, in fashion does ubiquity kill the trend? I used to jump to the inevitable yes, (or maybe I should say YASSS!), but hello! 90s are still happening, crop tops, leather, fur is still out there.


When will too much of the same dish become meh instead of yeah?

Ladies and gents I think it’s time we get our opinionated behaviors out and just come clean about what trends we still love and those that’ve got to go. And not cause we hate them per se, but mainly because everyone’s doing them still.

1. SHREDDED JEANS. The moment my mom considered getting a pair I fell off my chair feeling ridiculous rather than trendy in my way-too-ripped jeans.

Shredded jeans are great, but I just wish only a handful of gals were doing the look. And only those whose style scream ripped jeans even when they’re not wearing this trend. You know what I mean?

ripped-jeans-styles (2) ripped-jeans-styles ripped-jeans-trend (2) ripped-jeans-trend (3) ripped-jeans-trend (4) ripped-jeans-trend

2. LEATHER. Skinny leather trousers, leather track pants, skirts, dresses, trenches, tops… we get it! We are all into BDSM. I swear to God, at this NYE party if each girl in leather had a whip and some handcuffs you might have thought you landed in some soft porn flick. Or bad Halloween remake.

That’s what happens with risque, more niche trends. The moment everyone does them, they lose what the stood for in the first place.

I’d love for leather to be back into fresher, edgier, more sophisticated styles, but for this to happen, we need to kill it first.

leather-trend-looks (2) leather-trend-looks (3) leather-trend-looks (4) leather-trend-looks (5) leather-trend-looks (6) leather-trend-looks (7)

3. CROP TOPS. These tiny little tops (sweaters, bustiers, tees) are everywhere. Still. I think it’s time to call NEXT and usher designers for some fresh ideas you know. More here. 

crop-tops-trend (3) 2015-trend-crop-tops (2) 2015-trend-crop-tops (3) 2015-trend-crop-tops (4) 2015-trend-crop-tops crop-tops-trend (2) crop-tops-trend crop-tops-trend (4)

4. PLAID. Well… I for one, have’t done this trend so I’m quite far from being bored of it. Yet the rest of the planet has been draping themselves in this style for 2 years now… It’s ubiquity was the reason I was never really sold on this look.

Oh and also… I never really thought it would stick. But then 2 years went by. Told you I got issues up there.

plaid-trend-2015-street-style (2) plaid-trend-2015-street-style (3) plaid-trend-2015-street-style (4) plaid-trend-2015-street-style (5) plaid-trend-2015-street-style (6) plaid-trend-2015-street-style (7) plaid-trend-2015-street-style

5. WOMEN WITH SHORT HAIR. The chop was massive in 2014, it’s like every woman out there went through a liberation of some kind, a break up, a makeover, a back to basics or to French chic somehow… and I salute this. As I said before, the chop stands for so much more than short hair… and while I’m holding on to my mane like it defines every inch of my womanhood (how fucked up is that?) deep down inside I wish I had the balls to get a pixie.

So for all the hot and sexy women out there who love to experiment and feel free with anything in life, including hair… let’s keep the chop shall we? ;)

short-hair-women-looks (3) short-hair-women-looks (2) short-hair-women-looks (4) short-hair-women-looks (5) short-hair-women-looks

6. BIG BLING. While the dainty jewelry has gained a bit of fame for the past year or so… the world of accessories still belongs to chunky necklaces, massive bracelets and big bad rings. Right?

I’m warning you I might be slightly biased here. No one, I repeat no one, can ever part me from my massive rings. Trend or no trend.

chunky-jewelry-looks (3) chunky-jewelry-looks (2) chunky-jewelry-looks (4) chunky-jewelry-looks chunky-jewelry-styles (2) chunky-jewelry-styles chunky-jewelry-trend-2015

7. MEN’S UNDERCUT. The hairstyle every woman wanted on her man is starting to feel kinda been-there-done-that, no? Frankly I’m kinda sick of it, and wish to see something new (No. Not long hair. Please, anything but long hair on men. That’s just me, so feel free to attack.), but I will give you this: the undercut hairstyle IS actually the only cut that looks fantastic and hot on ALL men.

men-undercut-hairstyle-trend (5) men-undercut-hairstyle-trend (3) men-undercut-hairstyle-trend (4) men-undercut-hairstyle-trend (6) men-undercut-hairstyle-trend

8. BEARDS. The moment every man out there will start shaving again on a daily basis I will both laugh and cry for weeks in a row. No. Make that months.

Boys… please keep them on.

Of course if you ask the hot men out there with cool beards they will probably say the same thing us girls say about a trend. Kill it so we’re the only ones left doing the looks we’ve been doing in the first place. Did anyone say trendsetters?

tumblr_nhpmx8T8F31se9eaao1_1280 tumblr_n9gatuPs4t1r05l97o1_500 2015-trend-beards (2) 2015-trend-beards (3) 2015-trend-beards (4) 2015-trend-beards (5) 2015-trend-beards (6) Justin O'Shea at Victoria Beckham

9. TATTOOS. Together with the previous 2, this trend is part of a whole look out there. Don’t know which is more fucked up the fact that tattoos are a trend now, or that we’re considering killing it?

Cause if the latter is true, what will we have, nations of unfashionably tattooed men and women? Where do I sign?

Like the beards, and the leather, and the big rings… I’m all for keeping these. Of course if the planet decides not to… I’ll still be rolling in my leather pants or dress, with my claw-ring, and few tattoos and couldn’t care less what the glossy mags are preaching, cause I’d be making my own rules you know.

tattoo_streetstyle tattoos-men-women-styles (2) tattoos-men-women-styles (2) tattoos-men-women-styles (3) tattoos-men-women-styles (4) tattoos-men-women-styles (5) tattoos-men-women-styles (6) Zoe Kravitz flips the Bird while out in New York tattoos-men-women-styles (8) tattoos-men-women-styles (9) tattoos-men-women-styles tattoos-men-women-styles


Not giving a fuck. Now that’s a trend worth keeping. And being better souls. Learning from our mistakes and helping others. Now that’s something I’m backing 100%.

Have a fabulous 2015 you beautiful gorgeous people and make the best of it all! xoxo


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  1. UnicornPrincess says:

    I totally agree that the undercut is the haircut that looks good on almost any man, so saying kill it makes me sad. I never want the Julius Caesar hair to come back, always made men look slightly douchebag-esque. I think that we can hold on to a great look for a long time regardless of trend. If it looks good on you, ROCK it. :)
    Tattoos are also a keep. There is a “line” of standard there. The trash VS treasure on the type of tattoos. How they work together, the style, the statment about who the individual wearing them. This again is a personal preference but I love a well designed, flowing, and artisticly adorned human body. I also appreciate those who have never gone under the needle and keep their slates “body” clean. Cool beans to them!
    I really liked this article and it made me giggle a few times because I felt as though I had written a few of these points. I felt connected to the veiwpoint. Nice job!


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