If you could get anything you ever wanted – fashion wise – what would it be? Unlimited amounts of designer sales and shopping sprees? Infinity walk-in closets? First chance to grab designer pieces? Supernatural powers to tell the staple quality in trendy pieces? Clothes’ lusts turned into outfits in seconds?

I’d want it all. But I’m mostly a sucker for designer pieces and sales. Even if I were be able to afford all the things in the world I’d still have that special bond with designer sales and outfits that mix vintage or non-designer pieces with very expensive brands. #superpowerlust

What to do on a Monday? Designer sales.

Mondays suck. But they’re also a fantastic opportunity to procrastinate work and spend the entire day online. Shopping designer sales maybe.

From that Gucci famous white T-shirt, to Chloe’s tiny bag, to Nike’s sneakers, MAC’s nude pallete, Yeezy’s see-through boots, and Levis classic jeans – today’s shopping list is a tiny random haven for all sales and designers lovers alike.

Below is a list of all the best things 2017 has given us so far with a massive sales tag to them. Shop away and have a fab Monday.



Have a great week y’all and happy shopping.

xoxo D.

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