If you thought my extra bubbly, neurotic, chaotic, too-loud-too-wild persona has no shade of boring, well you were right. Although, there are a few occasions when my human side kicks in and I too, alongside the rest of the lot, harbour less cool feelings about this or that, OR even worse, when I stand alone in some major major major world wide event – aka Halloween – like a bloody idiot, and I don’t get it. I mean, I do get it, I just don’t mingle with the trick-or-treat-lot. Never have.

My Instagram for example stands as a very honest mirror of who I am (flawed, flawless and all) – and there isn’t ONE pic of Halloween in there. I have worn costumes, I have done the tricking and have gotten the treating, I just can’t fucking get in the whole spirit.

Ideas? I have loads, on a minute basis. When it comes to Halloween costumes I turn completely dumb. And blank.

So I’ve always gone for simple, easy, in-the-makeup-and-a-mask-kinda-costume. It’s done wonders for me, a person who’d never go as an egg, or a plant, but on the other hand I’ve never gotten a standing ovation for the damn thing. Okay, basically I was always going as myself in a razzmatazz mood using Halloween as an excuse to wear some freaky wig, some cool makeup, some vampire-posh inspired face mask. You get it. Chicken shit scared, and majorly retarded to go all in.

But as of recently (circa one year) I have seen more and more people using celebs’ iconic moments or looks as Halloween costumes. There’s the Slash and Axl Rose duo, the Axl Rose and Seymour wedding, Katy Perry, Miley, Kim K… and the list goes on. It’s gotten to the point where celebs are going as celebs for Halloween.

THIS is perfect for me. A film slash pop culture geek. So I might just tryyyyyyyyy to see this holiday as more than a party excuse to get drunk. Right.

Instead of taking the easy way out, and wearing just a wig or a hat for Halloween let’s put some effort in it, and do the head-to-toe transformation. And while we’re at it, let’s get the ideas from celebrities.

What do they wear for Halloween? Apparently they’re always having a major thing going on and a blast. Might as well pick a few Halloween inspo from the rich and famous lot.

Here we go then.



calebrities-halloween-costumes- calebrities-halloween-costumes-1 calebrities-halloween-costumes-2 calebrities-halloween-costumes-3 calebrities-halloween-costumes-4 calebrities-halloween-costumes-5 calebrities-halloween-costumes-6 calebrities-halloween-costumes-7 calebrities-halloween-costumes-8 calebrities-halloween-costumes-9 calebrities-halloween-costumes-11 calebrities-halloween-costumes-12 calebrities-halloween-costumes-13 calebrities-halloween-costumes-14 calebrities-halloween-costumes-15 calebrities-halloween-costumes-18 calebrities-halloween-costumes-19 calebrities-halloween-costumes-20 calebrities-halloween-costumes-21 calebrities-halloween-costumes-22 calebrities-halloween-costumes-23 calebrities-halloween-costumes-24 calebrities-halloween-costumes-25 calebrities-halloween-costumes-26 calebrities-halloween-costumes-28 calebrities-halloween-costumes-29 calebrities-halloween-costumes-30 calebrities-halloween-costumes-32 calebrities-halloween-costumes-33

calebrities-halloween-costumes-35 calebrities-halloween-costumes-38 calebrities-halloween-costumes-39 calebrities-halloween-costumes-40 calebrities-halloween-costumes-41

I know I’m a freak when it come to Halloween for sitting it out most of the times, but I’m dying to know your thoughts on this holiday. Let’s talk about spooky stuff, crazy costumes, who you’d love to go as, who you’d never go as?


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